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It was exactly five years to the day that I had visited this place. Nothing seemed to have changed, the same decor, the same seven star service, the same hustle and bustle. The feeling of extravagance emanated from the atmosphere around .Even the manager was the same. The only thing that had changed was me. I am five years older, no longer a graduate, but a successful consultant, in partner ship of the most prestigious IT Company. So much had happened in the past five years that it was impossible to recall each and every success, but the one memory that was permanently etched in my mind came flooding back. The memory of those seventy two hours, 5 years ago….

In this very place Avinash and I had come to the IT Seminar representing our company. We were both ambitious and thirsty for knowledge. We worked diligently to have our efforts acknowledged by the boss. Our post graduate year was a platform to glean and digest as much knowledge as we could muster. So when our boss had last minute personal problems Avi and I were put on the next flight to represent our company.

Whilst our rooms were being prepared Avinash (Avi) and I sat in the coffee shop planning the next few days .Avi engrossed in his lap top was lost to the world. It was at this moment that I caught the first glance. Stepping out of the pool, like a goddess, tall slender, bronzed. The water pellets glistening on her sun tanned body, wet hair clinging to her perfectly almond shaped face. Big brown eyes and rosy lips completed the perfection. She grabbed a towel, dried her self and sat on the sun bed, I was mesmerised. Taking a bottle of Piz Buin sun cream she meticulously started creaming herself. She struggled to cover her back. I almost had the urge to go and assist her. I wondered what nationality she was, maybe Brazilian or Mexican surely she couldn’t be Asian? She had poise about her, she appeared confident and uninhibited by her surroundings.

Suddenly I was jerked back to reality by Avi, “Hey Nish did you hear anything I said, where are you man??” “Sorry Avi I lost concentration for a moment, why don’t we check out our rooms and meet up for lunch, we can finalise our details then.”

I turned around to see if she was there but to my dismay she had gone. At lunch again I scoured the place hoping to catch a glimpse but to my sheer disappointment I didn’t spot her anywhere. After lunch Avi and I worked on our presentation late into the night so that the weekend should be free for us to explore. My thoughts had been captured by her vision and I was finding it hard to concentrate.

Early next morning I went to breakfast and this is where I spotted her. Wearing white three quarter trousers, a pink sleeveless t shirt and white sandals, perfectly manicured nails and her hair now dry and styled was loosely held in a soft ponytail, she looked casual but smart. She was sitting at a table for two, but the chair opposite her was vacant. Not sure what to make of it I tried to see any tell tale signs that would highlight her status such as a wedding or engagement ring but none were visible. She breakfasted alone.

After breakfast I planned to take my camera and explore, I booked a taxi at reception and went outside to wait for its arrival. The taxi arrived as I was about to step into it I heard a voice “Hey I called that, that’s mine” I turned around and was face to face with those magical brown eyes. “Oh I am so sorry I replied you take it, I will wait for the next one. I am not in a hurry I replied.” “No no it’s OK me too, I was going to catch the sights.” “Oh in that case why don’t we share, I too was going to do the same.” I suggested .She smiled, paused “umm OK I guess that’s fine.” We bundled in to the taxi. “Oh by the way I am Nish,” “Hi Nish I am Sandy.” “Sandy I repeated,” she must have seen the look of puzzlement on my face, “yes Sandy short for Sandhya.” This was the beginning of our friendship.

That day we spent doing what most tourists do, visited temples, forts, spice farms, the elephant sanctuary. Our conversation flowed effortlessly and with ease. We were total strangers yet we felt we had known each other for years. Sandy was a good sport, she did not fit into the weak helpless woman category. I guess that was because she was older, maybe in her early thirties, more mature. She radiated independence and a strong will. I was totally awed by her presence. Each moment we were spending together I wanted to savour. Neither of us found the need to discuss our present lives, who we were, what we did; it was almost like a mutual unspoken understanding not needing to know.

The day was really enjoyable, tired and exhausted we returned to the hotel. The thought of not seeing her again made me nostalgic. Not knowing if someone special  was waiting for her at the hotel made me fearful, I wanted so spend more time with her. “Hey Sandy why don’t we explore some beaches tomorrow, what do you say shall we meet up tomorrow after breakfast?” I casually asked her, holding my breath and wishing her answer is a yes. “Yeh sure she replied, goodnight,  thanks for super day Nish I had fun.”

Back in the room Avi was on his lap top, “Hey where have you been Nish, haven’t seen you all day.” “Oh I went to catch some sights you know me and my camera!! I didn’t want to tell him about Sandy.”

The next morning Sandy and I  set off bright and early ,we found some awesome beaches. White pearly sand and azure waters greeted us welcomingly. We snorkelled and swam, barbequed on the beach .Sandy swam like a fish, we played volleyball and walked for miles along the shore freely chatting about everything and anything. Sandy was like an excited child she picked up shells and drew pictures in the sand she squealed as she danced in and out of the waves as they tickled her toes. She was like a free spirit carefree and relaxed .I was feeling envious of the gentle breeze that un shamelessly cajoled and played with her hair. I held back the urge to brush away the loose strand of hair from her demure face. I yearned to hold her hand, caress her but not wanting to jeopardise our friendship I reluctantly held back. I was falling in love with her.

The day came to a closing end we watched the crimson sunset emerging  and cascading across the horizon, I felt I had lived the most memorable moment of my life. I couldn’t  quite comprehend the euphoria ,the exhilaration , the warmth that had overwhelmed my mind and soul. Can you fall in love in such a short space of time or is this infactuation? Suddenly jolted back to reality by a scream from Sandy, I watched in fear as she was hopping on one leg. “Ouch ouch she cried in pain” a crab had just nipped my foot.” I held out my hand to stable her and helped her to a near by rock to sit. Massaging her foot my heart was pierced with pain seeing tears the size of pearls roll from her brown eyes. I  gently cupped her tear stained face  holding her trembling body, comforting and embracing her, our bodies entwined. No words were necessary as the passion of the last two days was apparent in both our eyes.

The next day having an early start I left a note for Sandy to meet up for dinner and hope her foot was better. The day was demanding and despite my thoughts that kept reverting to the previous days events I didn’t have time to call Sandy. At last I managed to return back to the hotel, immediately I went to knock on Sandy’s door, the room was vacant and was being cleaned. I was puzzled and rushed down to reception enquiring where Sandy had moved to. To my horror I was informed Sandy had checked out at noon and had taken a flight back home to Canada. She had left no messages for me nor a contact address .I was in turmoil but there was nothing I could do to catch her, her flight would have taken off by now. I just had to wait till she landed .I requested the reception to give me her address and after much persuasion I finally obtained a contact telephone number for her.

The rest of the seminar I forced my self  to concentrate and tried to engross my self in my work, my mind was in turmoil. Avi noticed my  disturbed state and started questioning me.I think he was puzzled and couldnt understand reasons behind my sombre mood.I just couldn’t under stand why it ended like this .Our last night together  was so wonderful. It was mutual, both of us were consenting. What had gone wrong?  Maybe I will never find the answer to these questions, maybe this was part of the unspoken agreement we had chosen not to disclose our lives to each other. Maybe this was fate, the time we had shared was a memory that was to remain etched in our lives fore ever……….The unforgettable 72 hours….

Now here I am 5 years later, I never managed to track Sandy down, life moved on but our time together was unique, special, locked away in that corner of my heart for safe keeping may be fate one day will allow us to meet again ….

copyright © 2009 Nayna Kanabar


Part two:


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A proposal of a different kind!!


Environment games arcade.

Sounds: (To create the ambience)Humming, buzzing, shooting bleeping, car racing, clinking of money  and loud rock music in  background .

Deepak engrossed in playing on car racing game, Ria rushes in and almost collides with him. Ria is always in a hurry thodi spit fire jaise hai!!

Ria: “ Uff   Deepak what an awful place to ask me to come.”

Deepak ignores her and continues racing. Ria tries to get Deepak’s attention jangles her bangles and starts to play with her hair but all to no avail!!

Ria: “Deeepak yeh chodo na its so boring here chalo baahar jate hai.”

Deepak:  “Ria wait let me finish.” Just then money runs out and the racing car halts to  a stop .Deepak turns around and glances up at Ria ,he finally notices. “Hey why are you dressed like a dogs dinner, you going to a wedding or something??” Ria is dressed in a salwar kameez and not her familier jeans and T Shirt.

 Ria : Grabbing his arm Chalo na  Deepak its so hot and noisy here I need a drink.”

Deepak : “Ria you have some change ?I just want to have another go on this game”

Ria : “Deepak Are you coming or else I am going? Deepak hears the curtness in Rias voice and thinks oh oh fuse blow hone wala hai and thinks better to go with Ria.They go to the café and get a couple of pepsi’s.

Ria : “I have to talk to you .”

Deepak: “ Pehle toh tum ne kabhi permission nehi mange aaj kyun??”

Ria: “Oh just shut up Deepak and listen, Mere liye ek rista aya hai , the boy is a graduate with a good job and aj hi muje dekne ko aa raha hai.”

Deepak: “  Ji hain, toh kya ???dekh lena, Isme kya hai?”

Ria: “Toh mein deklu??”

Deepak: “ Ji  hain ,kyun nehi??”

Ria thinking yeh sadela, darpok muje “Hain” bol raha hai!!! Abb kya karoo?”Just then the phone rings  .

Ria: “  Ji hai,mummy, bas abhi aye. Deepak I have to go Mummy ka phone tha.Chalo Deepak main chale . ” Ria thodi naraz lag rahi thi ,sooch rahi thi pleases bolo kuch toh bolo .

Deepak:  “Good Luck Ria ,”

Holding back  a tear that is threatening to cascade. Thinking  in her mind he really doesn’t care he is so ignorant. Sadela darr pook!! Ria walks away.

Peeche sey Deepak  ki awaaz ayi .

Deepak: “Hey Ria wait!” Ria’s hear skipped a beat …………bol do ,bol do na deepak.

Instead. Deepak holds out to Ria her purse “You forgot this!”

Ria: “Thanks Deepak.”  she turns to leave, blinking hard to stop the tears.

Deepak: “Oh hain ek baat aur. Ria jo app ko woh  bandher(monkey) acha na lage toh, mere mummy ko ek achi bahu ki bahoot zarrorat hai!!!”…………………….

Ria turned to deepak and said “I hate you!!!  mere jaan ja rahi thi and app ko mazak lag raha tha!!! But she smiled sweetly and whispered Mummy ko bol bahu mil gaye!!!”

(C)copyright 2009 naynakanabar

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Harry,Hairy or Hari??


Creepy crawlies, urgh!! Horrible and I don’t like them but I can proudly say that I am not the feeble female type that screams at the first sight of them and quivers with fright. I can usually pick up the offending creature with the help of a tissue of course and calmly dispose of it in the garden or out of the window. So it was no big deal when I heard screams from the kitchen that a spider had been spotted. Now believe me I am a clean freak and my kitchen is spotless  so to think that a spider had crawled around in my spotless kitchen was un believable thought, but it so happened  that it had.My immaculate, spotless kitchen had a new house uninvited house guest.

The offending creature, black hairy legs ,2cm in diameter ,with beady eyes and reflexes like sound waves had really and truely  made his presence known. We shall refer to him as  Harry (hairy) or Hari…… if in case he is Indian!!! Hairy was spotted crawling in  and out of the little space between the skirting board  and the base of the cupboard where there was a minute hole.

Now Hairy must be a very smart spider, he has been gracing us with his presence on random occasions over the last 4 days but each time I spot ted him and tried to and catch him he runs and hides in the hole.

Hairy the little creep is acting too intelligent; just as I try to coax him to leave his abode so that I can safely transport him to a greener, more open environment in my garden he runs back into his hole. What a dilemma!!! I have only a few options left now to de house Hairy.

The obvious green method approach of respect all creatures great and small is failing miserably . Forget equal rights and opportunities ,now the time has approached for some drastic actions!!!

Option one, I can arm myself with a can of firm hold hairspray ,spray to stiffen him so that I can stop him moving. I can then transport him to the garden. Option two, I can spray him with bug spray and suffocate him and dispose of him down the toilet. But do you think the animal rights  activists will come and arrest me for causing death by poisoning????

Option three, I can airlift him by blasting him out of his abode using the vacuum cleaner, wishing all the time that his flight is smooth and steady and does not cause him any injuries!!!All these three options will be life threatening to him and I am reluctant to use any, so please my dear blogger friends, help me ,what can I do to persuade Hairy to abandon his abode and move to greener pastures so that sanity can return to my clean kitchen.

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baby sitting

Looking after kids is not an easy task,
Especially as the baby’s wailing as you have run out of Rusk.
Give them breakfast, and settle in,
Little jimmy is learning ABC’s.
Eyes at the back of your head you definitely need,
To watch what’s in their mouth, is it the tooth paste lid??
“Riya don’t eat crayons, please,
And do use a tissue when you sneeze.”
Someone’s knocking at the door,
But alas Jimmy has put finger paint on the floor!
Let’s have lunch and then clean up,
“Riya, please drink properly and do not slurp.”
Baby lulu is on my lap,
Please god let her take a nap.
Riya, Jimmy lets read a book,
Stop squabbling ,we can all share and look
Time for fresh air so we go outside,
Children leave the doggy alone; he can’t give horsey ride!
Riya stop feeding the baby mud!
Suddenly a wail ,as jimmy falls in the pond with an
enormous thud!
PHEW!!! Six-’clock and finally time for bed.
Children washed and clean and bedtime story all read.
Finally time to take a well earned break,
Enjoy a cup of tea before the kids awake.
Now never listen to anyone who says babysitting is an easy task!!
I shall never again agree if anyone should ask!!

 baby sitting 2

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catching up.

I thought it was about time I updated this blog as I was getting this awful guilty  feeling of abandonment. So here I am ,I havn’t really got a planned post to write here  just that life is increasingly busy ,juggling  work and homelife and in every available free time I am busy working on my interior decorating.

Last few days have left me tired and exhausted and I am still only on my first room. Although I must say that the ceiling and woodwork are now all cleaned and painted and all that remains is papering  the walls and a new carpet to be fitted.I am feeling a warm glow of satisfaction each time I enter the room at the slow but steady progress.

Also I wanted to thank my blogger friend who have maintained the visitor stats on this blog despite it not having any recent updated!!Many many thanks I appreciate your visits and the fact that some of my older posts are being read  and given some credit too is wonderful.

I hope to be back soon with more inspiration…..until then please do keep visiting ,the surpise I get when I receive “comment awaiting moderation” message  gives me a lovely inner glow knowing  that even in my absence my friends are still with me so it is NOT a case of “out of sight out of mind!”


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