No new years resolutions…..

As we say good bye to another year, we can reflect on the good times and put behind the bad times we might have had. We can move on ,we can learn from our mistakes and celebrate our successes. All this is a learning curve in life .To appreciate the good things in life we need to work for them, and then only we can say we have truely deserved them.

We relish the New Year with joy and pleasure; we make new plans and vow to work to make our future better and brighter. What we mustn’t forget is that not only should we think about ourselves us, but seek to help others that are less fortunate too.

This year I am not going to make a list of new years resolutions, as we all know resolutions are rigid lists that are made and broken with the first couple of weeks. Instead I have decided that I will take each day as it comes. I have vowed that I shall respect my self; I learnt that one must learn to respect one self first, before expecting others to do so. Your body is your temple, treat it with respect. Feed it with good thoughts and kind words, at the same time discipline it to curb laziness and procrastination. Enjoy good things, indulgence once in a while is a good thing but don’t let over indulgence make you egotistic and selfish.

Pay hard work with relaxation

Treat kindness with appreciation

To earn respect give respect

Share a little, care  a little and  love to your hearts desire….But above all thank god that you have lived to see another year….

My new year started with offering of prayers to Lord Ganesh, please click here to read more. Before I close this post I want to thank all my blogger friends for supporting me in this blogger world, for taking out precious time to read my ramblings and leaving me inspiring comments, believe me they really make my day and bring a smile to my face. Like this>>>  🙂

And last but not the least I wish for you all a relaxed mind, a peaceful soul, a joyful spirit, a healthy body and a heart full of love All these are my prayers for you. Wishing you all a happy new year -2010.

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  1. Hey happy new year dude..

    Wish all the best.. Hope 2 meet u back in blogger 🙂

  2. Belated Happy New year! !!!

    As long as we wove to be a nice human being, we have achieved a great thing in life


  3. great post
    hey can u tell me how did u got this snow falling?

  4. Pay hard work with relaxation

    thats..something I want to do but my corporate motto I zthink is.. pay Hard work is relaxation.


    my resolution is just like the previous year
    1024×768 pixels

  5. We all make resolutions which noneof us are able to follow, so its better nt 2 make dem

  6. We all make resolutions which v rnt able 2 follow, so better not make dem

  7. nice topic….. no new resolution for me, i only see these in tv’s, dont think ppl keep it in real life…

  8. hmm I cant help making resolutions every new year, and trust me, I’ve never kept any of them 😐

    maybe I should take your advice and stop this bad habit altogether.. nice post btw 🙂

  9. Cool post Nayna!! 🙂
    No Resolutions on my side too…just live as it comes!! 🙂

  10. true and more true about new year resolutions….nice piece of writing, keep it up

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