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Just to let you know that I may not be able to update this Blog as frequently as I would like to in the next couple of weeks as I am working on a house renovating project.<<<Sounds good yeh??


Well actually to be truthful, I am knee deep in paint and wall paper as I am redecorating one of rooms at home. Only problem is that it seems I have paint every else but the walls at the moment!!!!!  On hair, face cloths floor OMG how did it even get there???


As for wall papering where do you get a third arm to hold up the paper whilst pasting and sticking?? I think I seriously need to go and read some DIY books to get some tips.


So for now please do keep visiting and take this opportunity to catch up with some of my older posts.

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bohot kuch….


Bohot kuch badal jata hai
Tere aane ke baad
dil ko khushi mil jate hai
aur chere ko muskaan,
Bohot kuch bichar jata hai
Tere jaane ke baad,
Wo samandar ki leherey,
Wo rait ke mehal
Bohot kuch beh jata hai
Saahil se takra jaane ke baad,
Wo baarish ke moti,
Wo taaro ki khuwahish,
Bohot kuch bikhar jata hai
Khawaab toot jaane ke baad,
Wo teri parchaiyon se takrana,
Wo saayon ka lehrana.
Bohot kuch mit jata hai
Andhera chhaa jaane ke baad
lekin bohot kuch phir mil jate hai
naye savere ke saath…
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Letting go……



Rhea stood in the hall way. Her eyes scanned around the familier warm honey coloured walls, her gaze rooted to the picture of her and Amit taken on their honeymoon in the Seychelles. There was so much love and happiness in the picture.


Forcing her eyes to move from the picture, Rhea picked up the mail from the door mat and neatly placed it in the letter holder on the piano ready for Amit to find. Knowing how Amit was particular about uniformity, she meticulously straightened the drooping daffodil in the vase. Taking a deep breath, she took one last look around the place that had been her home for the last seven years.


She placed the note and keys next to the mail, picking up her coat and her case she stepped out into the hazy spring sunshine. The sunshine too was deceiving as a chilly breeze engulfed her. Finally the time had come, Rhea had gathered up the courage to sever the ties to the  already  frayed thread. The last couple of years of their marriage had  seen many ups and downs. During the dwindling  relationship in the last few months, Rhea had lived in denial, in the glimmer of hope that things will improve, but  in time realisation grew that what had once been too good to be true had now been tainted and shrouded with jealousy, fights, and wrong doings,  and these were just to name a few. The silent treatment, the humiliation and belittling that she had suffered had left her a nervous wreck. Gone was the sparkle in her once vibrant emerald eyes. Her face looked gaunt and drained. Her vivacious personality that Amit had fallen in love with was now crumpled and crushed like a withered petal that was once from a beautiful rose.


She walked up the drive past the clusters of spring flowers that she had so painstakingly planted. The cab driver jumped out to open the door for her. Mustering false courage Rhea climbed into the cab as she took one last glimpse, capturing  the picture and savouring it in her memory forever. A lump formed in her throat, as she tried not to choke on the threatening tears. Holding back the desire to sob she barely heard the cab driver asking her where she wanted to go. “Airport please” she mumbled.

Clutching her passport and Singapore tickets she stared out of the window at the familier landscape, in  Rhea’s mind many thoughts popped. Numerous doubts started to articulate. Had she made a grave mistake accepting the job transfer? Is this right?? Many uncertainties started to penetrate her mind , her thoughts were in turmoil .Breaking up with someone you care about is one of the toughest decisions one ever has to go through. Dealing with the pain and heart break is never easy. But the time had come to set  free what  little love that now remained between her and Amit .The love that needed breathing space to stop it stifling and suffocating, the love that one day may return but for now it needed to be set free.

Rhea thought we need to live the days as they are set out and not live in the past. Broken hearts that are crushed are never healed. They haunt us for a lifetime even if we find someone else. Our past teaches us lessons that make us more aware and more human. Why then doI  feel so hurt knowing it can only get better? Now that it’s all over, I have come to know, that in order to heal my pain, the first step is to let go…..

 Copyright@ 2009 Nayna Kanabar

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A Neruda love poem.

I am well and truely hooked on this poem generator so I tried another link which creates a Neruda poem . Neruda Pablo was a Chilean writer who wrote love poems.

This definately produced better results than the previous poem. Do try and post your results here in comments. The words I used are in red.

(Create a Neruda poem)

In My Sky…

In my sky at night, you are a star
and your smile and dimples are the way I love them.
You are mine, mine, woman with charm grace
and in your life my infinite dreams grow
The strings of my soul dyes your love.
My sour lemon is sweeter on your lips.
oh reaper of my evening twilight ,
how solitary lonesome believe you to be mine .
You are mine, mine, I go shouting it to the roof ,
tops, and the wind hauls on my widowed trance.
Huntress of the depths of my desire, your plunder
stills your awakening regard as though it were unique.
You are taken in the corner of my soul, my love,
and my obsession of music are as wide as the ocean .
My love is born on the shore of your eyes of innocence .
In your silence of mourning the land of romance begins.


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A strange love poem…..

I recently visited this site:

Here you type in a series of verbs, nouns and other words and a love poem in generated for you using your chosen words.

The words I fed in are the ones in bold but the poem generator uses them in random order.So one can never predict the outcome.Do try and post your results in the comments section.

My attempts produced this poem:



My Love Your skin glows like the apple, blossoms dancing as the red rose in the purest hope of spring.

My heart follows your piano voice and leaps like a rabbit at the whisper of your name.

The evening floats in on a great dove wing.

I am comforted by your t shirt that I carry into the twilight of India beams and hold next to my heart.

I am filled with hope that I may dry your tears of love potion.

As my eye falls from my jeans, it reminds me of your London. In the quiet, I listen for the last humming of the day.

My heated lips leaps to my hat. I wait in the moonlight for your secret America so that we may singing as one, lips to lips, in search of the magnificient blue and mystical America of love.



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