baby sitting

Looking after kids is not an easy task,
Especially as the baby’s wailing as you have run out of Rusk.
Give them breakfast, and settle in,
Little jimmy is learning ABC’s.
Eyes at the back of your head you definitely need,
To watch what’s in their mouth, is it the tooth paste lid??
“Riya don’t eat crayons, please,
And do use a tissue when you sneeze.”
Someone’s knocking at the door,
But alas Jimmy has put finger paint on the floor!
Let’s have lunch and then clean up,
“Riya, please drink properly and do not slurp.”
Baby lulu is on my lap,
Please god let her take a nap.
Riya, Jimmy lets read a book,
Stop squabbling ,we can all share and look
Time for fresh air so we go outside,
Children leave the doggy alone; he can’t give horsey ride!
Riya stop feeding the baby mud!
Suddenly a wail ,as jimmy falls in the pond with an
enormous thud!
PHEW!!! Six-’clock and finally time for bed.
Children washed and clean and bedtime story all read.
Finally time to take a well earned break,
Enjoy a cup of tea before the kids awake.
Now never listen to anyone who says babysitting is an easy task!!
I shall never again agree if anyone should ask!!

 baby sitting 2

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  1. LOlzzz… That was a funny one and so very cute too …

    You did a good job though ! Hats off … Hope the baby is not in the oven yet .. :))


  2. Hilarious

    that was laugh all the way!!

    Children leave the doggy alone; he can’t give horsey ride!
    Riya stop feeding the baby mud!


    really funny!

  3. lolz…
    funny very funny….
    I am lucky not to get such gr8 responsibilities.. 🙂

    And the Pic was very hilarious… wonder when that guy will come back to his senses… 😀

  4. are babysitting? 😛

  5. That’s sweet 🙂 i was watching ‘kindergarten cop’ yesterday. babysitting IS hard …

  6. hee hee.. can imagine the plight! hey back to ur blog after a long time. hope u r doing good!

  7. LoLz !!!

  8. Hehe.. You’ve made a fabulous poem out of the troubles of babysitting. I won’t agree if someone told me that it’s an easy job. But isn’t it a lovely job to do? Keep your efforts going. Wish you good luck. 🙂

  9. hehe.. that was quite unusual a topic… quite fun to read… and those comic strips made the post all the more enjoyable… well done!

  10. Lol.. I loved it… simply funny and enjoyable.. :):)

  11. Wonderful poem…although I have no experience with babysitting full-time. I used to look after my cousin brothers when they were babies, but their moms were always around at those times.
    By the way, I realy like the music box on your page…I always listen to Bakhuda tumhi ho whenever I visit. It’s a fav of mine.

  12. hehe. whoever said babies are cute have only had a look at one side of the fence [:P]

  13. the cartoons are hilarious! especially the sitting on the baby one!

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