feeling grumpy!!! :(

feeling grumpy

There have been times in life when all seems lost. You feel grumpy and miserable. Your best friend it seems is too busy for you. Its pouring with rain and the whole world is against you. Life just isn’t worth living through another day. You have just broken your most treasured ornament, the car broke down, you locked your self out and if that wasn’t enough you have just had a fight with your boss about a trivial matter not even worth mentioning.

At times like this we wonder why life has given us such a raw deal. Then you need to remember the things that are important to you. For as low as we fall there is always something or someone, somewhere, to help pull you back from the deep pits of darkness. Once you feel yourself slipping don’t be scared to grab on to that something or someone. Love, Hope and Faith will guide us. Look around and find the things you need to live for. The people you love and the friends you cherish. If we look hard enough, we will find the place you need to be. Until then you can make the most of what you have, give the most that you can, love the best you can.

Each morning wake up and thank god you are still alive, to live another day to find your way. There are people with worse worries than you. Life is truly worth living for, if you look at the beauty that surrounds you. Its ok to be grumpy once in a while after all life is not a bed of roses everyday but remember the grumpy mood will pass, there’s always a rainbow after the rain, sunshine after a cloudy day and happiness follows sadness. So instead content yourself with the little things, which bring you pleasure and tomorrow, will be a new day with a new beginning…….. 

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those were the days…
those were the days…
life seemed so beautiful.

no fear for the future
no hatred for the days lived
where the chase was
for chocolate buttons
and small treats
running in the park
feeding the ducks
and swinging on the swings
a soothing cuddle
when knees were grazed
a tear wiped and a kiss placed

those were the days…
those were the days…
life seemed  so beautiful.

now life is a turmoil
of emotions and thoughts
in the flirting face with a spicy smile
where the hunger
for love and passion lies
friendship being the mantra
with a little teasing engaged
in thoughts and creativity mingled
now we are in a different race
chasing the goal wondering
when it will be achieved
the chase is on for life itself 
now here in the race 
which simply goes on and never ends    

those were the days…
those were the days…
life seemed so beautiful.

in the things that bothered the least
and the main gesture being innocence
enjoying  carefree life to the limit
taking the full value of the age
gone are the days
where innocence which used to be the present
the days will never return again
the memories will never fade
but from childhood to adolescence we must all progress…..

those were the days…
those were the days…
life seemed so beautiful.

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career song

  Career Song – The 10 stages

1.When in college :

Hum honge kaamiyaab, Hum honge kaam iyaab ek din…..  

2.When giving interview to Multi National Company:

Tu hi re.. Too hi re ….tere binaaa main kaise jiyunn….

3.Waiting for interview result:

Intehaa ho gai Intzaarki.. aayinaaa  kuch khabar mere yaarki …

4.Just joined:

Too cheez badi hai mast mast…..

5.After some time:

Ye kahaan aa gaye hum? 

6.After some more time:

Naa koyi umang hai, naa koyi tarang hai,   meri jindagi ek kati Pathang hai (booohoooo)

7.Floating the resume:

Kabootar ja ja ja… kabootar ja ja ja… pehele job ki peheli chitthi…

8.Finally when you don’t get a better offer any longer:  

Jeena  Yehaan, marna Yehaan iske siwa Jaana Kahaa..!! 

9.When finally there are hopes of promotion:

Har ghadi badal raha hai roop zindagi, chaav hai kahhi hai dhoop zindagi 

10.When your promotion is finalised:


Aa aa aa aa aa aa, kabhi khushi kabhi gham ..


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is it magic??


You know exactly what you really want to say, but you can never get it out to this very day. It runs about in your head both day and night and it doesn’t go away no matter how hard you fight ….You think to your self ……Is It Magic?…. A warm glow encases, a smile lights up your face. Have you cast your spell of magic, that makes this so? I have taken to notice, the magic that is in life itself. Is that you? Is it your magic that makes me so aware? ………..You are part of my entire being, morning, noon and night. Is this also, your magic at work? There’s a song in my heart, and a spring in my step. Is it your magic at work again? When apart I feel a loss. Is it your magic that compels me to miss you so? …..What sort of magic is this that truly embraces me? Can I live but a day, without the magic? No. Not a day, or a minute, or one second for all eternity. I have never felt this way before, nor will I ever again without your cloak of your magic……….. So please help me to understand what is this special magic????

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Hulgavva-who is she???

 Hulgavva with her mother and brother

The above picture is of Hulgavva with her mother and little brother–Hulgavva is my ” sponsored child” in Wadderhatti, India.

I have always felt very passionate about education and when I received my very first pay cheque, I decided that I should  use some of the money to regularly sponsor a child who was less fortunate than me and enable them to be educated.

Sadly in the world’s poorest countries, millions of children still live in desperate need of food, shelter, healthcare, safe drinking water and education. Plan international is a charity who will put you in touch with such people who will benefit from these sort of sponsorships…………Sponsorship is “about real people helping real people” to gain an education, create safe secure hygienic homes and generally give the children and their families a better and brighter future.

I particularly chose to sponsor a female child, as in many such countries where education is scarce, it’s unheard of for females. Traditionally girls leave home and marry at an early age so parents tend to invest in their sons education so that they are provided for their old age. By helping girls to be equally educated at least they will have more chance to be respected and be independent.

Further more there is regular contact from your sponsored child in the form of letters and pictures, that’s very touching and inspirational to see the progress your sponsored child is making. Often the drawings are simple scribbling or colourful patterns but its still welcoming and they always bring immence joy and tears to my eyes.

I feel my contribution is a mere drop in a vast ocean that needs to be filled. If I can help to make even a minute difference to improve someone’s life then its definitely worth it……There are many more children out there  just like Hulgavva who  there waiting for this one chance in life to make their life more worthwhile……We cannot change their fate but we can  help make the journey  smoother. These children cannot make a brand new start but if given the assistance they may be able to start from now and make a brand new ending…………….

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