countdown to christmas..

Only five days to Christmas and the count down begins. The Christmas tree is up and twinkling with lights and decorations. The presents are all wrapped and sitting snugly under the tree, waiting to be shared and opened. The festive spirit is already spreading with Carols on the radio and Christmas movies showing on the TV channels and finally we have snow. Christmas does not feel complete unless it snows and I am pleased to say that not only is it snowing in my blog , did you even notice???  (I simply love the snowy template) but we are also four inches deep in white fluffy snow in the UK too. The temperatures are freezing and roads are iced up so what better way to spend the day than to snuggle up with a hot cup of tea in front of the television, but unfortunately the television has been hijacked by the sports channel!! Need I say more ?? I am sure you can guess by who and why!!!

So having a few hours to spare I have time to update my Blogs; angels~ thoughts and and surf the net. I am pleased to say that my cookery blog launched in October 2008 is well and truly established now. I am having tremendous fun updating it on a regular basis, but more so I am enjoying playing with my camera to try and capture professional looking pictures to accompany the recipes. I am considering taking photographic classes in the New Year at night school to help me improve. I hope santa brings me a new updated camera!!!

Blogging is most certainly interesting but promoting the blog is the key to the success of any blog. Not having any prior knowledge in computing or blogging, I have learnt the hard way ie self taught about using keywords, tags, meta tags, link sharing and of course html coding too. This is all thanks to google uncle!!!

Many times during these sessions, I have had many a disasters where I have accidentally deleted a code and messed up things, but it certainly has been a learning curve that I am enjoying. Also bloggerati  has provided a wonderful platform for making new blogger friends who have always stepped in to help me when I am stuck with my coding. I am truely thankful to them. Thanks guys -you know who you are!!!

Today I created a business page on facebook, another platform to promote my blog, please do come and support me by becoming a fan. To become a fan click here

On another note angels~thoughts is soon going to celebrate it’s 2nd birthday. I never realised that I would get this far with blogging, something that started as a bit of casual time pass has certainly become an obsession, in a good way of course!!  🙂

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  1. hope ur dreams are fulfilled..

    it is amazing how u maintain two blogs!! Having a good interest is the key I suppose…

    good luck with ur photography/cooking/blogging…

    happy x’mas.. 🙂

  2. Christmas time is when dreams come true.

    dont worry!!
    things gonna be merry
    spread the spirit..the Christmas Spirit

  3. Hey congrats…Lip smacking success in cookery business ;)..let the world taste something better…keep up the good work 🙂

  4. Nice description of the events in all! Its snow falling here and there again but hope our mother earth will not curse us for our wrong doings…
    Really this blogging has taught many of us a lot of things. For a rookie like me too, this has been a learning experience…
    Cheers life…! Happy blogging..
    (can you add me to ur blog roll? I will reciprocate)

  5. Hey…Here’s wishing you Happy Holidays!!! 🙂

    Aint snowing here in Mumbai..never fact, it aint any different from summers…not so far at least 😛


  6. Hope ur blog goes on n on to create new milestones this coming year…..Wish u a very happy new year….Keeping penning down pieces of ur mind on n on >>>

  7. Nice christmas feeling to the blog .. and a lovely write up ..hope I could learn a bit of how to promote blogs from you .. but still I beleive that bloggging is like being a hippie in cyberspace .. not wondering on who notices you or not ..just opening ur mind and enjoying the fresh freedom of writing a blog ..


  8. blogging for two years.. man.. that good… keep going!

  9. Happy holidays! nice post!

  10. Hope this christmas brought u watever u wished..Even I am new to blogging..Gr8 that u have established urself..:) keep blogging..:)

  11. Oh its snowing here….. Merry Christmas 🙂

    and keep blogging… 🙂

    my blog i want ur valuable comments…
    u were a visitor to my blog but then u left
    come back and i m interested in link exchange…
    plz leave comments…

  13. u seem to b all over girl!! pls excuse my absence for so long… was stuck up with hell lot this side. now am back to blogger. u r tagged. check my blog and accept the award 🙂

  14. hi happy new year..

    nice Blog…keep up the good work..!!

  15. already commented comin in again .. but found it completely new 🙂 …

  16. Real passion is needed to sustain interest in anything. Same is the case for blogging. Its really wonderful to feeling when we see comments in our blog page.
    You have got two wonderful blogs. Way to go cutestangel.

    As you said thanks to “Google uncle” for giving this blog platform.

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