Children in Need.

Once every year in the UK there is Children in Need day where the whole country unites in the preceding weeks to plan events and fundraising for those children that are in need. With the endorsement of the Children in Need mascot Pudsey Bear  who  unites people and encourages them to to help in any way they can to raise the money. The money raised is used to help many charities in the UK and children worldwide. It  is spent on many Nobel causes and helps those who are less fortunate than us. Schools, work places, hospitals, famous celebrities, the young and the old all unite to put on shows, charity events, concerts, sales, raising money by donations and sponsorship. 
It brings unity and comradeship amongst fellow workers, friends and country man as all are working for the same cause to raise money for Children in Need. This year the country as a whole has raised £ 20,309,747 with monies still pouring in. 
Do check this site for more information and to make a donation. 
 Children in Need 
To raise money this year at my work place, amongst doing many other activities we also  held a cake sale. Here are a few of the cakes I baked and sold. 
 Click here for the recipies:
Chocolate cake
Carrot cake

Fairy Cakes
Strawberry cheese cake
Each year a Children in Need song is launched to promote Children in Need.You can see below the official 2009 song. All funds raised from the single is donated to Children in Need. 

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  1. wow!! that was so nice you

    you really is an angel 🙂

  2. Gr8 initiative you got here… Chipping in with what you do best….. COOKING!
    Keep up the good work! And looking at the pics, therez no wonder your cakes were sold out!

  3. good one…

  4. i didnt know about it……
    that’s so nice…..
    ur really are an angel 🙂

  5. So nice.

  6. Hi dear.
    Thanks a lot for taking time to go through my blog. In one way or other you have encouraged me to keep on blogging.
    Thanks a lot!

  7. Good one..

  8. great work…

    hope the children would be benefitted by that!!..
    keep up your good work!!

  9. good initiative
    don’t you think we need something similar in India

  10. Its a nice initiative…education and vocational training would help..


  11. nice post……………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the subscription link is not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. ummm…yummy way to help kids 🙂

    God bless ya for this kindness 🙂

  13. @alishah

    try this link.

  14. seriolusly man..its a good way to pour money fr d needies..y dont our country india do d same..this can help few to live a btter life..hope ur msg is delivered to every nook n cranny of this wrld

  15. tht was gr8.. really nice of u to share it here.. gr8 blog u ve here!

  16. You’re doing an amazing contribution to the unfortunate…. keep doing the good work and also keep yaa fingers busy by penning down all yaa recipes and write ups


  17. thats great work…
    you’re really an angel 🙂

  18. we need more people like u in India

  19. That’s really nice of you. Let’s hope more people like you come up to the front to give a helping hand to the needy.

  20. this is amazing contribution to the unfortunate…. nice yummy recipes 🙂

  21. heart touching..May god bless u for the good deed of yours..keep blogging..:)

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