Aise kyon muskuraa gaye ho????

Tujh mein koi khaas baat jaroor hogi,

Warna app hamara dost kaise bana?

Mere dil mein itna kyon bhaa gaye ho?
Koi baat toh jarror hogi,
Dil mein  aa kar aise kyon sajaa gaye ho.
Pyaar ka izhaar maine kiya hi nahi,
Phir ankhon mein dekh kar,

Aise kyon muskuraa gaye ho??

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bohot kuch….


Bohot kuch badal jata hai
Tere aane ke baad
dil ko khushi mil jate hai
aur chere ko muskaan,
Bohot kuch bichar jata hai
Tere jaane ke baad,
Wo samandar ki leherey,
Wo rait ke mehal
Bohot kuch beh jata hai
Saahil se takra jaane ke baad,
Wo baarish ke moti,
Wo taaro ki khuwahish,
Bohot kuch bikhar jata hai
Khawaab toot jaane ke baad,
Wo teri parchaiyon se takrana,
Wo saayon ka lehrana.
Bohot kuch mit jata hai
Andhera chhaa jaane ke baad
lekin bohot kuch phir mil jate hai
naye savere ke saath…
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A Neruda love poem.

I am well and truely hooked on this poem generator so I tried another link which creates a Neruda poem . Neruda Pablo was a Chilean writer who wrote love poems.

This definately produced better results than the previous poem. Do try and post your results here in comments. The words I used are in red.

(Create a Neruda poem)

In My Sky…

In my sky at night, you are a star
and your smile and dimples are the way I love them.
You are mine, mine, woman with charm grace
and in your life my infinite dreams grow
The strings of my soul dyes your love.
My sour lemon is sweeter on your lips.
oh reaper of my evening twilight ,
how solitary lonesome believe you to be mine .
You are mine, mine, I go shouting it to the roof ,
tops, and the wind hauls on my widowed trance.
Huntress of the depths of my desire, your plunder
stills your awakening regard as though it were unique.
You are taken in the corner of my soul, my love,
and my obsession of music are as wide as the ocean .
My love is born on the shore of your eyes of innocence .
In your silence of mourning the land of romance begins.


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A friend shared this with me so I shared it here as I really liked the words.

Din bit jat hai suhani yaadein banker,

Batee reh jati hai kahani bankar,

Par pyar to hamesha dil k karib rahega,

Kabhi muskan to kabhi ankhon me pani bankar.

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true love…



Rishton ki ye duniye hai niraali,
Sab riston se pyaari hai dosti tumhaar! .
Manzoor hai aansu bhi aankho mein hamari,
Agar aa jaaye muskaan hot pe tumahari.

to love without condition…. to talk without intention…. to give without reason…. and to care without expectation…. is the art of true relation..  


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