Indi Blogger rank increase.

Today I was really pleased to receive an email from Indi Blogger to tell me my blog rank had increased . Now in all honesty its just a number  and you may rightly say “so what” whats the big deal? ……I know that  the ranking system really amounts to nothing in the real world but it still feels extremely  good when you know  you have improved and it has been recognised. Thanks Indiblogger for letting me climb up your rank ladder.

For those who want to register with indiblogger click here.

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  1. Cool…same here…increased!! Congrats buddy!! 😀

    Waise, I have a tag at my place for you to pick up…pls do the honors!! 🙂

  2. Great idea, but will this work over the long run?

  3. This brings me to an idea:…

  4. cool! but not here
    I dont know wats ma rank
    but well done I really like simply sensational food
    keep it up

  5. congrats…whats you current rank bytheway?

  6. Cool 🙂
    I am registering there
    TFS !

  7. Great idea, thanks for this tip!

  8. Hey,
    Good job. I only recently joined IndiBlogger and my rank hasn’t been generated yet.

    Keep blogging.

  9. I agree…though its just a number, it does play at the back of your mind. Was crestfallen when mine slipped from 78 to 70 last month. N was elated when it was restored back to 78 this month. 🙂 😉

  10. Improvements, we all see, we all feel happy. or say we find happiness in every small thing. Congratulations once again.

  11. lovely, i just brought even more another emo backgrounds 4 my blog

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