catching up.

I thought it was about time I updated this blog as I was getting this awful guilty  feeling of abandonment. So here I am ,I havn’t really got a planned post to write here  just that life is increasingly busy ,juggling  work and homelife and in every available free time I am busy working on my interior decorating.

Last few days have left me tired and exhausted and I am still only on my first room. Although I must say that the ceiling and woodwork are now all cleaned and painted and all that remains is papering  the walls and a new carpet to be fitted.I am feeling a warm glow of satisfaction each time I enter the room at the slow but steady progress.

Also I wanted to thank my blogger friend who have maintained the visitor stats on this blog despite it not having any recent updated!!Many many thanks I appreciate your visits and the fact that some of my older posts are being read  and given some credit too is wonderful.

I hope to be back soon with more inspiration…..until then please do keep visiting ,the surpise I get when I receive “comment awaiting moderation” message  gives me a lovely inner glow knowing  that even in my absence my friends are still with me so it is NOT a case of “out of sight out of mind!”


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  1. keep postin!!
    you rock!

  2. come fast vth more…

  3. Even without writing anything, you say a lot !!! It’s great knowing about you … Don’t worry .. like you told me… you take care of yourself and all that makes your life hectic these days… After everything is done … we’ll still be here 😀 waiting for you !!

    Cheers ,

  4. good 2 read updates… blog world awaits u 😀

    =not so lazy today

  5. come soon….. we are waiting…. 🙂

    The first room’s pic would have been gr8 with this post…. 🙂

  6. Oh we missed ya as much as your blog did!! 🙂

  7. Hey Nayana, you are being missed. Are you back? Be back soon.

  8. @sam well with such good friends its hard to keep away!!

  9. @ sree aww thanks!!! thats sooosweeet.

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