and five years later…..

This piece of fiction is the concluding part to my previous two posts 72 hours and Sandy’s story. To appreciate this final part I recommend that you read the other two parts first.

Nish settled into his chair, as the aircraft took off. Finally Avi and his company had clinched a global contract with a very highly prestigious Canadian company .Their dream to take their IT company to new heights was ultimately coming true. Of course there were sacrifices, Nish had to uproot from his home in Mumbai to travel half way across the world to settle in a new unknown country. It would be difficult and challenging, but Nish was a fighter and was not going to let this lifetime opportunity pass by with out attaining success. As his thoughts went into overdrive, Nish checked the last minute contract details on his lap top and logged it off. He tried to settle and take a nap.

It was cool and nightfall was eminent as the plane landed at Toronto Airport, Nish cleared customs and after collecting his luggage headed for the taxi rank to get cab to the hotel. At the hotel exhausted and jet lagged Nish showered, ordered a sandwich and coffee and hit the sack. The next day, the meeting went well at the Canadian technology offices and Nish settled in well. Strangely the week passed quickly and the weekend soon arrived. Nish moved out of the hotel into his new apartment .The move was smooth easy and effortless and Nish finally felt he could unwind and relax after a long and demanding week.

Armed with a guide book, Nick picked up his new car and set off to explore his surroundings of his new home for the next few months and went to pick up some groceries. Opening his wallet to put away his drivers licence Nish’s gaze fell on the photograph that had graced his wallet for the last five years. His eyes me with the most beautiful brown eyes, the demure tanned face smiling back at him. Nostalgia seeped through his body as memories of Sandy flooded back. May be I should try and look her up; maybe this is my second chance to find her. He dialled the saved number for Sandy from five years ago but unfortunately as always the number showed unobtainable. Nish felt more determined that he should try and trace Sandy. Later that evening  in his apartment he searched routes and areas for the address he had for Sandy .It seemed that a mere two hour drive and he could be facing the love of his life.

Next morning, Nish set off bright and early, soon after eleven he pulled up outside a block of apartments. Excited and full of apprehension Nish’s heart started to race like an athlete in a marathon, many thoughts passed through his mind .What will he say, what will her reaction be? Will she be surprised? On second thoughts maybe he shouldn’t just turn up what happens if she is married? What will I do if she doesn’t recognise me??
No I have to do this, I have to find her and clear the air. I need to know why Sandy ran out on me. Nish thought to him self ,when you do nothing you feel overwhelmed and helpless, I have to accomplish this, I have to face what ever happens for once and for all. With this thought in mind Nish rang the door bell. No answer, several rings later still no answer, then he saw the curtain move he knocked the door again .A child peeped through the marginally opened window.
 “No one is at home who are you looking for??”
Nish was speechless many thoughts ran through his mind but again the child repeated “Who are you looking for??”
Nish jumped back to reality “Oh yes I am looking for Sandy, I mean Sandhya does she live here??”
 The child starred at Nish, thought for a minute and replied.
“Oh you mean Aunty Sandy?? Do you know her? Are you her friend??”
Yes yes replied Nish “Does she live here?” excited at the prospect that finally he had found Sandy.
“Umm No she moved away few months back.”
Nish couldn’t believe his bad luck; angered he thought I don’t think Sandy and I are ever meant to meet again fate has taken care of that!!
 “Thanks he murmured,” handing the child a five dollar note. His mood now totally ruined, he didn’t feel like doing anything else. Dejected and upset he returned to his car and back to his apartment.

At home Nish made a coffee and attempted to get some of his emails answered, his thoughts kept deviating and he could not concentrate on his work. Taking the coffee he went and stood on the balcony. The crisp cool breeze whistled in the air, the trees swayed in rhythm. The only sounds were that of the nearby traffic interrupting the solitude of the starry night. Nish took a deep breath and reminisced of the past, He caught him self listening to his own voice “Why can’t I let go and move on. Surely happiness is always there within reach, I just can’t seem to find it.”
The phone rang; jolting Nish back to reality it was his secretary reminding him that he needed to attend the charity function that evening.

Still feeling rather subdued, Nish had to put a hold on his feelings as he arrived at the charity function. The evening was tedious and monotonous, meeting and greeting acquaintances new and old, but it was necessary to make new connections and maintain old. Finally dinner over, the presentations and speeches began. Nish could hear the droning of the chair person’s voice.
“And now without further ado, we would like to present the cheque to our charity of the year Sight Savers.” Drowned by the applause, Nish could not envisage what he heard nor believe the, the sight that he saw. Walking up to accept the cheque was no other than his beloved Sandy, the same brown eyes, the demure face, elegant and stylish. Nish was  stunned and in disbelief.
“OMG, is this real, Sandy, is that Sandy, he thought?? Nish could not contain him self, he could not wait for the speeches to end, he had to speak to Sandy this was his only chance.

The formalities finally over, the dance floor was open for all to enjoy the rest of the evening. Nish sidled through the crowds, not once leaving his eyes off Sandy in fear of loosing her but at the same time looking to see if she was with someone. His heart beating like a drum, his pulse soaring he edged towards her, unsure as to how to approach her. He stopped a few feet away from her. Motionless he awaited with baited breath, just as she turned around and their eyes met, both locked in a stare, frozen and rooted on the spot. Minutes seemed like hours, as time stood still. Finally Nish managed to murmur the words “Sandy it is you?” Before she could answer, he grabbed her by the hand and gently led her out of the hotel into the beautiful evening. Sandy totally in shock was speechless ,her eyes glistened as uncontrollable tears welled up  and started to roll down her face smudging her mascara.
“Now before I even ask you for an explanation, you have to give me your address and phone number Nish demanded.  “In case you run off again he scolded her, at least I won’t have to spend another five years to find you again.”

Both of them laughing and crying, walked hand in hand as the night sky cajoled the twinkling stars persuading them to make way for the new dawn. There was so much to catch up with and they needed to clear the air. It was time to say goodbye to old endings and welcome new beginnings. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again and meeting again, after moments or lifetime, is certain for those who are made for each other. Can miles truly separate you from true love? If you want to be with someone you love, aren’t you already there?

 copyright © 2009 Nayna Kanabar

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It doesnt just rain it pours…..

sore throatThunder storms, gale force winds and simply awful weather, topped with a broken cell phone, no satellite reception, and an awful bout of laryngitis.(For those who don’t know what this is ; its not some deadly  contagious disease but a name given to a throat infection which effects your vocal cords resulting in one loosing their voice.) Oh yes and for those who know me no need to cheer and be happy at my sad dilemma.  I know exactly what you are thinking;  “Hurray peace and quiet for a few days!!!” .   🙂  Can anything else go wrong I am wondering!!  “It doesn’t just rain it pours”.

As my job entails a lot of talking going to work was definitely out of the question. So being positive, I am a going to make the best of my predicament and have a duvet day, a lazy day at home lounging in my PJ’S, a pile of DVDs to entertain me and the remote control firmly in my hand. Let’s hope that the weather improves soon, the satellite restores it self and my phone recovers too together with my sore throat. I hope to be back in a few days to update this blog hopefully with some new inspiration

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The moon light casting shadows of the unforgettable past,
The twinkling stars reminiscing of the memories they cast.
Chained in shackles, lifeless and silently still,
Imprisoned and motionless no more hurt left to feel.
Locked in a fearful plight confined to this chair of steel
Cold and shining, the feet replaced by the wheel.
Yearning to be free like the swallows in the sky,
Soaring high through the skies as they mightily fly.
No more  hurt  or tears, all that is left is pain,
To suffer life like a prisoner shackled with a ball and chain.

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