Untitled – Why should all poems be titled?? This poem does not conform to usual standards…!!

Are you wondering why this post has such a strange title??? Me too  lolz!   :smile:………….No I didnt think of the title  name it has been passed to me via  a strange tag. Yes tagged once again ,that adds up  to 5 tags in the last 4 weeks!!!!! and yes I am slowly but surely working my way through them (other wise what few readers I have here ,will all dissapear from overload of me bragging about my self and my antics from sheer boredom!!! )hee heee see even I can laugh at my self!!

Ok back to the mentioned title,  sree-  from All in the mind passed this tag to me . I have been asked  to write some sort of abstract poem,  totally random and I guess  not edited about what ever is going through my current state of mind. Now those who are regular visitors to my blog will be aware that I am passionate about cooking and am currently concentrating on  my food blog  simply.food. <<<<I am trying very hard to improve it and take it to the next level.

For days I was thinking to write some sort of poetry for it , each time I thought of a line, I have been  jotting it down but in all honesty  thats  as far as it had got  and has been sitting  in the draft  post  ever since, well that is until now. So with out any further introduction here is the rough , unpolished  jotting of my poem.

Cinnamon spice and all things nice… 

Cinnamon clove and star anise
Fragrant aromas to tantalise and please
Cooking baking mixing with a whizz
Desserts, cakes and ice creams that you can freeze please.

Sweet and sour with a hint of bite
Maybe a salad for that something lite light?
Flour, eggs and butter milk
Chocolate soufflés that fall down and sink turn out like silk.

A savoury touch with some special spice
Something that gives a kick and goes with rice
Eastern, Western or a European dish
Culinary delights to earn you a kiss fulfil your every wish.

Day and night I think dream of food
I know for my waistline this is no good
So instead I write my creations in a blog
Hopefully one day it will be famous enough to flog log!!   🙂

copyright © 2009 Nayna Kanabar

As far as tags go I am supposed to pass this on to some of my fellow bloggers, however since the numerous numbers of tags that have been arriving here , I have now exhausted my list of persons I can tag so I am just going to say any one who reads this post please feel free to pick up the tag.

Last but not least “Thanks ” sree for landing me in this hot soup, I have most certainly felt being  sizzled, boiled ,grilled  and baked!!!!!


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The moon light casting shadows of the unforgettable past,
The twinkling stars reminiscing of the memories they cast.
Chained in shackles, lifeless and silently still,
Imprisoned and motionless no more hurt left to feel.
Locked in a fearful plight confined to this chair of steel
Cold and shining, the feet replaced by the wheel.
Yearning to be free like the swallows in the sky,
Soaring high through the skies as they mightily fly.
No more  hurt  or tears, all that is left is pain,
To suffer life like a prisoner shackled with a ball and chain.

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that summer….









I was inspired to write this poem for the bloggeratti writing contest on the theme “summer heat”. However once I had written it I had cold feet and decided not to enter it . I was sure that there would be many more highly commendable  entries from the many talented persons who write such beautiful blogs that my poem would not be of any similar standard in comparison. But since I had written it I would like to share it here.


The acrid, piquant summer heat, on a scorching sultry day.
Sweat beads forming on her lucid tomboy face,
That’s how I remember her
“Lucy” my childhood mate.

She was like no other,
Never did she wear
Prissy frocks and ribbons
In her curly brown hair.

Scuffed knees and climbing trees
Fishing in the bubbling creek
Chasing spiders and digging worms
Collecting tadpoles in jam jars old

Tough as an old boot and resilient
Audacious and free spirited was she
She never squirmed and never squealed
She was not like those silly girls that screech

Making dens and building rafts
Camping out under the twinkling stars
Skinny dipping in the lake
Glorious summers we did spend

Then summer came to an abrupt end
And the autumn leaves began to fall
But still I knocked on her door
To ask her if she would come out to play

Sadly things had undesirably changed
Nothing remained as autumn came
There she stood smiling from head to toe, giggling like a girl
Dressed in a frock and ribbons in her hair

Yuk what had happened to my childhood mate?
Repulsed and betrayed I ran away.
This was unforgivable, what a deceit
How could she do this?
She was “Lucy” the tom boy my best mate.

copyright © 2009 Nayna Kanabar


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What can I write???


I am wondering what I can write?


Notebook ready, paper crisp and white.


Similes and Metaphors, letters entwined in a line.


Prose or fiction should the words rhyme??


Ideas, thoughts and brain storming.


Recapping , jotting and  later transforming.


Articulation, characterising, alteration and editing.


 Typing, scripting, cutting and pasting.


Interesting concept that’s what I need.


Of course to capture  a vivid audience who will read.


Now it seems the post is done.


…..all I needed was INSPIRATION and  finally it’s come.

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have you ever wondered??


Have you ever wondered?

How the house is always spick and span

Inviting, warm and cosy

How does it happen and when??


Have you ever wondered?

The dirty dishes you left in a rush

When running late to catch the school bus

Disappears in a jiffy without a fuss???


Have you ever wondered?

When you bring extra friends to the door

Suddenly the already cooked dinner

Magically stretches to feed another four??


Have you ever wondered?

The dirty washing crumpled in a heap

Appears clean, washed and ironed

As if it’s done a miraculous leap??


Have you ever wondered??

You are studying late at night

When the dreaded exams are looming

Some is silently lying awake worrying and sharing your plight??


Have you ever wondered?

To drop you on time

She weaves through the rush hour traffic

Abandoning more important jobs she has in line??


Have you wondered??

When you are sad and dejected

And the world is your enemy

Who boosts your confidence and stops you feeling rejected??


Have you ever wondered?

Who wipes away the tear?

When you wake from a nightmare

Trembling with fear??


Have you wondered who this is??

Is she a fairy, a precious gift from the lord?

Is she a guardian angel in disguise

Or a cherished gift from the god??


She is truly a priceless gift from heaven

Selfless, considerate and kind

She is no other but a very special MOTHER

The finest you will ever find…


~~o~~ Happy Mothers day….~~o~~





In the UK mothersday is celebrated today 22nd March




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