Freezing first day of February


Energetic, emotional and entertaining


Beautiful, bold, and brave


Romantic, restful and reminiscing


Understanding, upbeat and unique


Adventurous, authentic and awesome


Reliable, resourceful and restful


Yummy, youthful and young ….

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To love is to RISK not being loved in return,

To hope is to RISK pain,

To try is to RISK failure,

But RISK must be taken, because the greatest hazard in life is to RISK nothing….



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Occasionally we do things or say things that are done in the heat of the moment.

 Often our loved ones, friends or colleagues say or do something to hurt us also.

Sometimes these words hurt and we take them to heart so ……

Always put yourself in other’s shoes.
If you feel that it hurts you,

it probably does hurt the person too.
A careless word may kindle a strife;
A cruel word may wreck a life
A timely word may level stress
A lovely word may heal and bless.

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Isn’t it funny how seasons can affect your moods???Well I am assuming that it is the season that has dampened my mood .I woke up feeling really glum and sad. I tried to keep my normal routine but nothing made me feel good . My  usual  favorite things that can fix anything like  my garam garam masala tea,my favorite song,my favorite blue sweater all these things that give me pleasure did nothing for me today.All I felt like doing was to dive under the duvet and hibernate.But as they say life goes on so did mine.

I went to work, with a forced smile and a promise to my self that I will cheer up.But try as much as I did my friends picked up on my sombre mood and kept asking what was wrong but funnily enough I didnt know my self??

So the well meaning pals thought of a cheer up session , a chocolate evening, appparently according to my pals chocolate indulgence can solve anything, so they suggested a night out where all you eat is chocolate , chcolate cake, chocolate, chocolate truffels, chocolate milkshake ,chocolate brownies  and everything chocolate that you can feast your eyes on.. 

Ummmmm now not a bad idea for a chocoholic but neither do I have a sweet tooth nor am I partial to chocolate.So I didnt really think I wanted to participate in this chocolate indulgence evening.Far from cheering me up the chocolate overload generally triggers off a migraine and I would have felt worse the next day at the extra calories I would have stashed!!! I Politely declined the offer and trudged home.

Next morning I woke up, my mood no better than the day before .But thankgod it was thursday and no work .I managed to get out of bed, rush round the house on auto pilot and got all my boring chores done .Not in the mood for socialising I decided  to pamper myself.

I diverted alll phones to me cell , put it on silent and left it up stairs in the bedroom , out of sight out of mind !! I wanted no outside contact.Armed with a duvet,my favorite pillow, couple of SRK movies, (for those who dont know I am a die hard SRK fan)I snuggled on the sofa.The tv remotes firmly in my hand , the sports channel switched off ,I was going to have a few hours of chill out time. There is nothing better than snuggling on the sofa cosy and warm with a tub of your favorite haagen das icecream eaten straight out of the tub !!!!……..and believe me it has to be eaten straight out of the tub it doesn’t taste the same  otherwise!!!! 

I laughted and rejoiced, I cried at the sad bits and drooled over the romantic scenes in my bollywood make believe world.It made me realise why cinemas are packed in india ,where even a beggar will beg all day just to collect enough to  watch the movie.It takes you away from reality  and one can forget all the  day to day trials and  tribualtions even if it is for a mere 3 hours.

A couple of movies later  AND a short nap and I was refreshed and rejuvinated ready to shread the gloomy  mood and face the world again…until that is the blues hit again….

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Angels-Robbie Williams

Today I am not in the mood to update this blog, so posting one of my favorite songs here instead.


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