Typical british weather so unpredictable!!

June, July, August  is supposed to be summer time in the UK, but we will be luckly if in those three months we  get a complete month of sunshine.It seems rain and the Uk have a partnership.One minute you can be basking in a summer heat wave and next a sprinkle of showers.Lately we have been graced with many randon and unexpected  thunderstorms ,I guess all thanks due to global warming!!.Today was no different, seeing beautiful blue skies I decided to do a big batch of laundry, No sooner had I hung it out to dry flapping away in the breeze, the heavens opened to soak my clean laundry.

Grabbing it all off the washing line I dragged it all in and went to dry myself from the rain.Hey presto within  moments blue skies appeared and the sun shone.Once again I rehung the laundry out to flap and dry in the breeze but I think the heavens had other ideas!!! Within a space of half an hour the sky became over cast and before I could run out into the garden to retreive my washing  it had started to pelt down. 

Drat this British weather, It was pointless  trying to collect the soaked washing it would need another wash now!!!So I did the most unpredictable thing ever.I left the laundry and decided to enjoy the rain instead of cursing it!!Dancing around in it I was throughly drenched, not caring about catching a cold or my dripping clothes and hair I fully enjoyed the rain fall!!How invigorating it felt.I can’t ever remember deliberately getting drenched but the experience was awesome.While I was idiotly dancing in the rain, god knows what the neighbours made of it if they saw me, only time will tell!!But I didnt care ,the pleasure was worth it.This song came to mind, so sharing it here!!!

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Do you like rain?

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the walk in the rain…

Ananya cursed under her breath, “Damn the office manager, he had to stop me now!! Now I will miss my bus and god knows how I will get home!!!” Friday rush hour traffic is chaos and Ananya was trying to deliberately miss it so that she could avoid the crowds and chaos of the hustling, bustling workers all scurrying to get home for the weekend in the humid, acrid summer heat. Finally convincing the manager that all the allocated work was complete, all emails sent, Ananya managed to escape the exasperating manager and head for home.

Already late, now she had to dash to catch the bus. The summer heat scorching threw beads of perspiration on Ananya pale face as she ran for the bus, but to her annoyance as she reached the bus stop it sped past with a vengeance almost as if it was smirking at her predicament. Infuriated and exploding with  anger she had little choice, either to wait in the muggy heat for the next bus, with no guarantee she will get a seat as it will be packed  or start walking. Smouldering in the unbearable  heat, Ananya began her thirty minute walk home, the noise of the traffic deafening, the fumes pungent and choking .Cautiously she pushed her way, avoiding the uneven footpaths and shirking the persistent beggars taking over the walkway.

Jostling past the crowds, she had barely been walking for ten minutes, when Ananya heard an almighty roar, a little surprised but she was sure she heard it. It came again, this time definitely the roar of thunder, an angry grumble of nature rumbled over head, it shook the sky with force and might. Within moments, as if a crescendo in the orchestra, a surge of lightening encased the grey sky. Another flash of lightening followed, ripping through the stormy clouds, casting a spurge of blinding light across the blackened sky. The mighty clouds, gallant and bold were unimpressed and unafraid, began to cascade their rains in chorus. In gripping vengeance the lightening, lacerated and ruptured the tormenting sombre sky. In synchronisation rain drops the size of pearls, spilled out of the engorged overflowing rain clouds resembling a gigantic waterfall.

People scurried for shelter, as they heard a continuous almighty growl from the threatening sky. Dodging and ducking people colliding with each other, sought refuge in nearby shop doorways, avoiding the polluted river of mud and brown water, swirling around their feet. The drains overflowed as the incessant unrelenting storm brewed mercilessly as the thunder clapped louder and louder. Minutes seemed like hours, as the storm persistently swept through the town.

Ananya’s clothes clung to her like second skin, her curly hair now lank and dripping stuck to her demure face moulding it to her slender cheekbone. Soaked to the skin and no where to hide, she tried to shield her laptop case from the drenching rain. The ensemble of thunder and lightening continued to battle with each other in a war of anger and rage. Ananya thought to try and flag down a taxi but none were available, the storm had caused a standstill in the already stagnant traffic. Deciding to take shelter in a nearby coffee shop she made her way into Starbucks. She found a corner table by the window and ordered a steaming hot cup of cappuccino and waited for the storm to pass. Not knowing how else to kill time, Ananya played her favourite childhood game. She watched the rain drops on the shop window racing each other to the bottom of the pane.

Finally the rendition of the concert in the sky reached its finale, the thunder and lightening called a truce. The sky now calm and silent graciously made way for the once heavily pregnant rain clouds to give birth to a beautiful crimson sky. The torrents of rain gave way to a fine misty shimmer, cooling the humid summer heat .The twinkling stars boldly pushed their way to glimmer in the night sky once again.

Ananya finished her last sip of coffee and made her way home. The pavements washed with the rains were wet and slippery as vendors began to trade again. People moved away from the shop doorways to carry on their journey, the memory of the walk in the rain etched firmly in their minds.

Copyright © Nayna Kanabar 2009

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The most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen.

  Just listen.Perhaps the most important thing we ever give each other is our attention….

 To listen is to continually give up all expectation and to give our attention, completely and freshly, to what is before us, not really knowing what we will hear or what that will mean.

A loving silence often has far more power to heal and to connect than the most well-intentioned words.

A true friend is not like the rain which pours and goes away. A true friend is like the air, Sometimes silent but always around you….

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When the shoe is on the other foot…


The last few weeks I have been busy with painting and decorating,after taking much advise and quotations form various decoraters I came to the conclusion that those who I liked were way too expensive to recruit and those that were cheaper would not do the job to my satisfaction.So I decided to give up all my spare time and do the decorating my self of course with some help from my partner.

At the moment I am currently working  on the bedroom, the preparation all done the walls  are ready for painting  we went off to the DIY shop . Armed with a shopping list of tools we needed and to choose the paint of course.

Now you may ask, well whats the problem you are only buying paint, ahem !! its was not as easy  as that. Just as women can spend endless  hours walking from department to department just gazing at the clothes, shoes and handbags, men do the same in DIY shops.To think that we would be in and out of the shop in less than an hour was  a mistake. My partner dragged me around each and every isle , be it plumbling, lightening or electrics not forgetting the power tools. Here we spent ages looking at all the new gadgets that would make a DIY enthusiasts life simple or look very impressive in the garage!!!It took me almost an hour to drag him away from  the power tools ,loosing him  on a few occasions on the way to the checkout. I certainly know what it feels like now that the shoe was on the other foot.In future maybe I will be more sympathetic towards his moaning when I drag him shopping with me!  🙂

We still havn’t decided on the paint colour but have picked some sample pots to check out at home.My only worry now is dare I take him back there to make the final purchase???lolz  🙂

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The sponsorship continues ~Himanshi.


These two posts will shed more light on this present post.




I recently wrote about my sponsorship ending for Hulgavva with the Plan International Charity. However I am pleased that I have now commenced a sponsorship for a new child. Her name is Himanshi; she is three years old. She comes from the region of Gairsain in the Uttarakhand District, India. Himanshi is currently attending nursery school and has a very long educational future ahead of her. I am looking forward to communicating with her although at present she is only able draw small pictures.

I hope that my small gesture will help to make her life more comfortable and it enables her a safe and secure future.

“Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.”

If anyone reading this post gets inspired to stretch a helping hand please visit this site for more information.


“Don’t wait for extraordinary circumstance to do good; try to use ordinary situations to do what you can, with what you have, where ever you are.

 I will intermittently update this blog to bring up to date info of Himanshi.

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