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Its been a while since I updated this blog, its not that I havn’t thought about it, but more so that currently I am concentrating on my recipe blog simply.food. I have had some time off for Christmas and having my daughter at home also means that I have been baking and cooking and trying out all the new recipies  that I never had time to do.Its fun but time consuming especially as many recipies I have to photograph each and every step or instructions,this makes preparing food even longer.But I am having fun in the process.

But back to this post and todays post is all about tag, this tag was passed on to me by  fellow blogger Shruti-Welcome to my world. This is my third tag in the blogging world and as tags go the rules are almost always the same :

1. Write 7 things about our self, also mentioning the person and their blog that tagged you.

2.Pass the tag to 7 unsuspecting victims to do the same.

3.Leave a message on the persons blog  you are tagging informing them of the tag.

4.Keep your fingers crossed that the tag does not come back to you!!!  🙂

So here goes seven things about me:

1. I am happy as I recived a brand new camera for Christmas so that I can click many pictures for my blog!!

2.I  need to try and take up my fitness seriously again as I have let it lapsed in last few weeks.

3. I went on a shopping spree and bought 3 new pairs of shoes  all at once!!!

4. I love driving but not in the snow, yes its been snowing in the UK.

5. I have a confession to make, I love watching all the kids disney movies that are on sky Tv over Christmas.  See I am a big kid at heart.

6. Although I never allow my daughter to eat ice cream straight out of the tub, thats exactly what I did!! Of course it was  the 1st and the last time!!!  😉

7.I am  desperate to go on holiday somewhere warm ,sun ,sea and sand, lets hope this happens this year.

I am going to bend the rules slightly of this tag , I am going to pick the last seven people who posted their links in blog.blogger,blogging ,blogspot  ( your link and comment on my blog thread)and pass the tag to them I hope they accept. I have not interacted with some of these bloggers  and I think this is the perfect oppurtunity to get to know more about them. I certainly hope they will rise to the challenge and not mind this intrusion in their blogger space..



Vineet- http://123vineet.blogspot.com





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  1. nice post here..Actually I am kind of beginner in blogging..Couldnt get d concept of tagging no matter how hard I tried..U have said in the post “to do the same”..what shud they actually do..Do they have to create a blog like this or is there anything else to it??..I couldn’t understand it..:) Anyways keep penning..:)

  2. Thanks alot Cutest angel!

    I will be in touch with you as soon as I am end up with my exams till 23rd of January!

    Rohit Rajpal

  3. @ vamsi all you have to do is write 7 things about yourself on your blog and then tell seven other people to do the same about them selves.You also have to mention in your post the name and clog of who ever tagged you. Its easy as that.

  4. wowwiee!!
    today I saw an update
    hmm.holidays eh?

    well..I thought I would give you a new year present
    An award and a… TAG

    please take the questions from my blog.
    ENjoy and have a happy new year!

  5. why only last 7. you should choose random or at least last 10.
    and Happy New Year

  6. @Vikas, The reason I choose to tag 7 people is because that was the rules of the tag and last 7 people in forum at the time because they were the most recent posters.However please feel free to accept the tag its open to everyone.The more people who accept the better.

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