and five years later…..

This piece of fiction is the concluding part to my previous two posts 72 hours and Sandy’s story. To appreciate this final part I recommend that you read the other two parts first.

Nish settled into his chair, as the aircraft took off. Finally Avi and his company had clinched a global contract with a very highly prestigious Canadian company .Their dream to take their IT company to new heights was ultimately coming true. Of course there were sacrifices, Nish had to uproot from his home in Mumbai to travel half way across the world to settle in a new unknown country. It would be difficult and challenging, but Nish was a fighter and was not going to let this lifetime opportunity pass by with out attaining success. As his thoughts went into overdrive, Nish checked the last minute contract details on his lap top and logged it off. He tried to settle and take a nap.

It was cool and nightfall was eminent as the plane landed at Toronto Airport, Nish cleared customs and after collecting his luggage headed for the taxi rank to get cab to the hotel. At the hotel exhausted and jet lagged Nish showered, ordered a sandwich and coffee and hit the sack. The next day, the meeting went well at the Canadian technology offices and Nish settled in well. Strangely the week passed quickly and the weekend soon arrived. Nish moved out of the hotel into his new apartment .The move was smooth easy and effortless and Nish finally felt he could unwind and relax after a long and demanding week.

Armed with a guide book, Nick picked up his new car and set off to explore his surroundings of his new home for the next few months and went to pick up some groceries. Opening his wallet to put away his drivers licence Nish’s gaze fell on the photograph that had graced his wallet for the last five years. His eyes me with the most beautiful brown eyes, the demure tanned face smiling back at him. Nostalgia seeped through his body as memories of Sandy flooded back. May be I should try and look her up; maybe this is my second chance to find her. He dialled the saved number for Sandy from five years ago but unfortunately as always the number showed unobtainable. Nish felt more determined that he should try and trace Sandy. Later that evening  in his apartment he searched routes and areas for the address he had for Sandy .It seemed that a mere two hour drive and he could be facing the love of his life.

Next morning, Nish set off bright and early, soon after eleven he pulled up outside a block of apartments. Excited and full of apprehension Nish’s heart started to race like an athlete in a marathon, many thoughts passed through his mind .What will he say, what will her reaction be? Will she be surprised? On second thoughts maybe he shouldn’t just turn up what happens if she is married? What will I do if she doesn’t recognise me??
No I have to do this, I have to find her and clear the air. I need to know why Sandy ran out on me. Nish thought to him self ,when you do nothing you feel overwhelmed and helpless, I have to accomplish this, I have to face what ever happens for once and for all. With this thought in mind Nish rang the door bell. No answer, several rings later still no answer, then he saw the curtain move he knocked the door again .A child peeped through the marginally opened window.
 “No one is at home who are you looking for??”
Nish was speechless many thoughts ran through his mind but again the child repeated “Who are you looking for??”
Nish jumped back to reality “Oh yes I am looking for Sandy, I mean Sandhya does she live here??”
 The child starred at Nish, thought for a minute and replied.
“Oh you mean Aunty Sandy?? Do you know her? Are you her friend??”
Yes yes replied Nish “Does she live here?” excited at the prospect that finally he had found Sandy.
“Umm No she moved away few months back.”
Nish couldn’t believe his bad luck; angered he thought I don’t think Sandy and I are ever meant to meet again fate has taken care of that!!
 “Thanks he murmured,” handing the child a five dollar note. His mood now totally ruined, he didn’t feel like doing anything else. Dejected and upset he returned to his car and back to his apartment.

At home Nish made a coffee and attempted to get some of his emails answered, his thoughts kept deviating and he could not concentrate on his work. Taking the coffee he went and stood on the balcony. The crisp cool breeze whistled in the air, the trees swayed in rhythm. The only sounds were that of the nearby traffic interrupting the solitude of the starry night. Nish took a deep breath and reminisced of the past, He caught him self listening to his own voice “Why can’t I let go and move on. Surely happiness is always there within reach, I just can’t seem to find it.”
The phone rang; jolting Nish back to reality it was his secretary reminding him that he needed to attend the charity function that evening.

Still feeling rather subdued, Nish had to put a hold on his feelings as he arrived at the charity function. The evening was tedious and monotonous, meeting and greeting acquaintances new and old, but it was necessary to make new connections and maintain old. Finally dinner over, the presentations and speeches began. Nish could hear the droning of the chair person’s voice.
“And now without further ado, we would like to present the cheque to our charity of the year Sight Savers.” Drowned by the applause, Nish could not envisage what he heard nor believe the, the sight that he saw. Walking up to accept the cheque was no other than his beloved Sandy, the same brown eyes, the demure face, elegant and stylish. Nish was  stunned and in disbelief.
“OMG, is this real, Sandy, is that Sandy, he thought?? Nish could not contain him self, he could not wait for the speeches to end, he had to speak to Sandy this was his only chance.

The formalities finally over, the dance floor was open for all to enjoy the rest of the evening. Nish sidled through the crowds, not once leaving his eyes off Sandy in fear of loosing her but at the same time looking to see if she was with someone. His heart beating like a drum, his pulse soaring he edged towards her, unsure as to how to approach her. He stopped a few feet away from her. Motionless he awaited with baited breath, just as she turned around and their eyes met, both locked in a stare, frozen and rooted on the spot. Minutes seemed like hours, as time stood still. Finally Nish managed to murmur the words “Sandy it is you?” Before she could answer, he grabbed her by the hand and gently led her out of the hotel into the beautiful evening. Sandy totally in shock was speechless ,her eyes glistened as uncontrollable tears welled up  and started to roll down her face smudging her mascara.
“Now before I even ask you for an explanation, you have to give me your address and phone number Nish demanded.  “In case you run off again he scolded her, at least I won’t have to spend another five years to find you again.”

Both of them laughing and crying, walked hand in hand as the night sky cajoled the twinkling stars persuading them to make way for the new dawn. There was so much to catch up with and they needed to clear the air. It was time to say goodbye to old endings and welcome new beginnings. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again and meeting again, after moments or lifetime, is certain for those who are made for each other. Can miles truly separate you from true love? If you want to be with someone you love, aren’t you already there?

 copyright © 2009 Nayna Kanabar

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the walk in the rain…

Ananya cursed under her breath, “Damn the office manager, he had to stop me now!! Now I will miss my bus and god knows how I will get home!!!” Friday rush hour traffic is chaos and Ananya was trying to deliberately miss it so that she could avoid the crowds and chaos of the hustling, bustling workers all scurrying to get home for the weekend in the humid, acrid summer heat. Finally convincing the manager that all the allocated work was complete, all emails sent, Ananya managed to escape the exasperating manager and head for home.

Already late, now she had to dash to catch the bus. The summer heat scorching threw beads of perspiration on Ananya pale face as she ran for the bus, but to her annoyance as she reached the bus stop it sped past with a vengeance almost as if it was smirking at her predicament. Infuriated and exploding with  anger she had little choice, either to wait in the muggy heat for the next bus, with no guarantee she will get a seat as it will be packed  or start walking. Smouldering in the unbearable  heat, Ananya began her thirty minute walk home, the noise of the traffic deafening, the fumes pungent and choking .Cautiously she pushed her way, avoiding the uneven footpaths and shirking the persistent beggars taking over the walkway.

Jostling past the crowds, she had barely been walking for ten minutes, when Ananya heard an almighty roar, a little surprised but she was sure she heard it. It came again, this time definitely the roar of thunder, an angry grumble of nature rumbled over head, it shook the sky with force and might. Within moments, as if a crescendo in the orchestra, a surge of lightening encased the grey sky. Another flash of lightening followed, ripping through the stormy clouds, casting a spurge of blinding light across the blackened sky. The mighty clouds, gallant and bold were unimpressed and unafraid, began to cascade their rains in chorus. In gripping vengeance the lightening, lacerated and ruptured the tormenting sombre sky. In synchronisation rain drops the size of pearls, spilled out of the engorged overflowing rain clouds resembling a gigantic waterfall.

People scurried for shelter, as they heard a continuous almighty growl from the threatening sky. Dodging and ducking people colliding with each other, sought refuge in nearby shop doorways, avoiding the polluted river of mud and brown water, swirling around their feet. The drains overflowed as the incessant unrelenting storm brewed mercilessly as the thunder clapped louder and louder. Minutes seemed like hours, as the storm persistently swept through the town.

Ananya’s clothes clung to her like second skin, her curly hair now lank and dripping stuck to her demure face moulding it to her slender cheekbone. Soaked to the skin and no where to hide, she tried to shield her laptop case from the drenching rain. The ensemble of thunder and lightening continued to battle with each other in a war of anger and rage. Ananya thought to try and flag down a taxi but none were available, the storm had caused a standstill in the already stagnant traffic. Deciding to take shelter in a nearby coffee shop she made her way into Starbucks. She found a corner table by the window and ordered a steaming hot cup of cappuccino and waited for the storm to pass. Not knowing how else to kill time, Ananya played her favourite childhood game. She watched the rain drops on the shop window racing each other to the bottom of the pane.

Finally the rendition of the concert in the sky reached its finale, the thunder and lightening called a truce. The sky now calm and silent graciously made way for the once heavily pregnant rain clouds to give birth to a beautiful crimson sky. The torrents of rain gave way to a fine misty shimmer, cooling the humid summer heat .The twinkling stars boldly pushed their way to glimmer in the night sky once again.

Ananya finished her last sip of coffee and made her way home. The pavements washed with the rains were wet and slippery as vendors began to trade again. People moved away from the shop doorways to carry on their journey, the memory of the walk in the rain etched firmly in their minds.

Copyright © Nayna Kanabar 2009

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Sandy’s Story…



sandys story 3










As promised here is the sequel to my fiction 72 hours .I suggest that those of you who missed this post read it first to really appreciate this part .

I checked the mail box for any last minute mail. Flicking through the letters, my gaze locked on to a white crisp envelope, I examined it for its contents, scanning to see the post mark. Benjamin and Benjamin solicitors it said on it. My hands began to tremble, as I realised what was in the envelope. I suppose it was just as well that this arrived today, so that I can travel with a clear conscience and no past ghosts to intrude my new life. I prised open the envelope and read the words “Marriage annulled.”

My marriage was never a real marriage; it was more a mockery, a ridicule of the word marriage, rare in these modern times but still occurring. It was a tie, sanctified by the society, by the elders, a tie that was forced upon me. My orthodox captors believed and expected that a woman should give up all her wishes, desires, and rights. People who treated women as a possession, a place where a façade of happily families was portrayed to the outer world but in reality there was no love and respect. In their eyes the woman was just a puppet in the hands of the master.

I felt saddened at the failure of my marriage but at the same time relieved and proud to have had the spirit to have broken free from the shackles of a life that offered nothing but unhappiness and sorrow. Accepting that a chapter in my life had closed, I consoled my mind and heart to be happy. I was about to embark on a life long ambition to fulfil my dream, surely this was something to look forward to. I placed the letter back in the envelope and filed it away locking that part of my life away fore ever.

Arriving at my destination I was ready for my challenging trip to the vision aid camps in Asia. The six weeks in the camp in the tropical heat was exhausting but I had never felt so exhilarated and content with life. The appreciation of the patients who came daily for the treatments, my co workers, the love and respect that I received rapidly soothed the scars of hatred and bitterness that I had nurtured in the previous months. I felt satisfied and rewarded working in the camps and vowed that I would travel each year to do the same. The six weeks soon came to an end and I decided to treat my self by taking a well earned week’s vacation before returning back to Canada.

The hotel was wonderful, full of ambience and luxurious. Although at times loneliness engulfed me, the first time in months I felt free and independent. Breaking free from restrictions and confinement I was once again a free spirit, independent and care free. The island was beautiful and I took walks on the beach, swam and generally recharged my mind and soul. I made plans to sight see and it was on this occasion that we first met, Nish and I both hailing for the same taxi. We agreed to share the ride and fate had struck the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

Although total strangers, I felt immediately comfortable and totally at ease with Nish. In the cab our conversations flowed and we agreed to spend the day together sightseeing. Nish appeared to be younger than me but most certainly in age only not maturity. Towering to a height of almost six feet, he had an attractive sporty, rugged look with mass of dark wavy hair. Nish was jovial and fun loving with an awesome sense of humour yet he was the perfect gentle man, easy going and so undemanding. The day was so enjoyable and spending time together had been fun so we agreed to meet up the next day.

Early after breakfast we set off to explore some beaches, we snorkelled, barbequed, played volleyball and walked for miles on the idyllic stretch of white sandy beaches. The rapport between us was enigmatic .There was an aura, I couldn’t understand,something was drawing me so close to him yet I was confused . My mind was in a turmoil, I was harbouring so much pain and grief that I almost felt guilty that I was enjoying being with Nish.

I was soon jolted out of my thoughts by Nish “Hey Sandy penny for your thoughts!!! You can stop day dreaming about me I am here in person he joked!!” As he touched my arm I felt this impulse to reciprocate, oh my god what was happening to me. “How about we have dinner at that restaurant on the cliffs?? Isn’t it an awesome place and the view will be spectacular.” I turned to smile at him but suddenly “Ouch ouch I cried in pain” a crab had just nipped my foot.” I held out my hand to Nish to stable my self as Nish helped me to a near by rock to sit. Massaging my foot, he comforted me, gently cupping my tear stained face. His touch was soothing and inviting, embracing each other, our bodies entwined. No words were necessary as the passion of the last two days was apparent in both our eyes.

As the sun peeped through the patio doors, I stirred in the bed as my swollen foot began to throb and ache from the crab bite. I reached for a glass of water and there propped by the jug was a note. I picked it up and read it “Got to go, didn’t want to wake you, you looked so peaceful, early morning meeting, have dinner with me 7 pm, love Nish”. Suddenly the reality of the events of the previous evening began to unfold in my mind, the wonderful evening with Nish, the candle light dinner at the cliff top restaurant, the closeness and the intimacy. I couldn’t believe how things had happened so fast. I barely knew him. I wasn’t ready for such a commitment not so soon. My mind was in a jumble of thoughts and disarray .I didn’t want to hurt Nish  yet at the same time I didn’t want to get hurt either. I didn’t know what Nish’s intentions were, how committed he would be, after all we barely knew each other. He didn’t even know anything about my past life; would he accept me for what I am? I didn’t want to wait to find out; I didn’t want to face a rejection. I just wanted to savour the unforgettable 72 hours that we had spent together. They were the happiest moments of my life ,maybe I had fallen in love with this stranger but I was not going to take the chance. I couldn’t  risk any more hurt and anguish. I phoned reception to book my return ticket to Canada. I had to leave ….

copyright © 2009 Nayna Kanabar

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72 hours….


72 hourspic












It was exactly five years to the day that I had visited this place. Nothing seemed to have changed, the same decor, the same seven star service, the same hustle and bustle. The feeling of extravagance emanated from the atmosphere around .Even the manager was the same. The only thing that had changed was me. I am five years older, no longer a graduate, but a successful consultant, in partner ship of the most prestigious IT Company. So much had happened in the past five years that it was impossible to recall each and every success, but the one memory that was permanently etched in my mind came flooding back. The memory of those seventy two hours, 5 years ago….

In this very place Avinash and I had come to the IT Seminar representing our company. We were both ambitious and thirsty for knowledge. We worked diligently to have our efforts acknowledged by the boss. Our post graduate year was a platform to glean and digest as much knowledge as we could muster. So when our boss had last minute personal problems Avi and I were put on the next flight to represent our company.

Whilst our rooms were being prepared Avinash (Avi) and I sat in the coffee shop planning the next few days .Avi engrossed in his lap top was lost to the world. It was at this moment that I caught the first glance. Stepping out of the pool, like a goddess, tall slender, bronzed. The water pellets glistening on her sun tanned body, wet hair clinging to her perfectly almond shaped face. Big brown eyes and rosy lips completed the perfection. She grabbed a towel, dried her self and sat on the sun bed, I was mesmerised. Taking a bottle of Piz Buin sun cream she meticulously started creaming herself. She struggled to cover her back. I almost had the urge to go and assist her. I wondered what nationality she was, maybe Brazilian or Mexican surely she couldn’t be Asian? She had poise about her, she appeared confident and uninhibited by her surroundings.

Suddenly I was jerked back to reality by Avi, “Hey Nish did you hear anything I said, where are you man??” “Sorry Avi I lost concentration for a moment, why don’t we check out our rooms and meet up for lunch, we can finalise our details then.”

I turned around to see if she was there but to my dismay she had gone. At lunch again I scoured the place hoping to catch a glimpse but to my sheer disappointment I didn’t spot her anywhere. After lunch Avi and I worked on our presentation late into the night so that the weekend should be free for us to explore. My thoughts had been captured by her vision and I was finding it hard to concentrate.

Early next morning I went to breakfast and this is where I spotted her. Wearing white three quarter trousers, a pink sleeveless t shirt and white sandals, perfectly manicured nails and her hair now dry and styled was loosely held in a soft ponytail, she looked casual but smart. She was sitting at a table for two, but the chair opposite her was vacant. Not sure what to make of it I tried to see any tell tale signs that would highlight her status such as a wedding or engagement ring but none were visible. She breakfasted alone.

After breakfast I planned to take my camera and explore, I booked a taxi at reception and went outside to wait for its arrival. The taxi arrived as I was about to step into it I heard a voice “Hey I called that, that’s mine” I turned around and was face to face with those magical brown eyes. “Oh I am so sorry I replied you take it, I will wait for the next one. I am not in a hurry I replied.” “No no it’s OK me too, I was going to catch the sights.” “Oh in that case why don’t we share, I too was going to do the same.” I suggested .She smiled, paused “umm OK I guess that’s fine.” We bundled in to the taxi. “Oh by the way I am Nish,” “Hi Nish I am Sandy.” “Sandy I repeated,” she must have seen the look of puzzlement on my face, “yes Sandy short for Sandhya.” This was the beginning of our friendship.

That day we spent doing what most tourists do, visited temples, forts, spice farms, the elephant sanctuary. Our conversation flowed effortlessly and with ease. We were total strangers yet we felt we had known each other for years. Sandy was a good sport, she did not fit into the weak helpless woman category. I guess that was because she was older, maybe in her early thirties, more mature. She radiated independence and a strong will. I was totally awed by her presence. Each moment we were spending together I wanted to savour. Neither of us found the need to discuss our present lives, who we were, what we did; it was almost like a mutual unspoken understanding not needing to know.

The day was really enjoyable, tired and exhausted we returned to the hotel. The thought of not seeing her again made me nostalgic. Not knowing if someone special  was waiting for her at the hotel made me fearful, I wanted so spend more time with her. “Hey Sandy why don’t we explore some beaches tomorrow, what do you say shall we meet up tomorrow after breakfast?” I casually asked her, holding my breath and wishing her answer is a yes. “Yeh sure she replied, goodnight,  thanks for super day Nish I had fun.”

Back in the room Avi was on his lap top, “Hey where have you been Nish, haven’t seen you all day.” “Oh I went to catch some sights you know me and my camera!! I didn’t want to tell him about Sandy.”

The next morning Sandy and I  set off bright and early ,we found some awesome beaches. White pearly sand and azure waters greeted us welcomingly. We snorkelled and swam, barbequed on the beach .Sandy swam like a fish, we played volleyball and walked for miles along the shore freely chatting about everything and anything. Sandy was like an excited child she picked up shells and drew pictures in the sand she squealed as she danced in and out of the waves as they tickled her toes. She was like a free spirit carefree and relaxed .I was feeling envious of the gentle breeze that un shamelessly cajoled and played with her hair. I held back the urge to brush away the loose strand of hair from her demure face. I yearned to hold her hand, caress her but not wanting to jeopardise our friendship I reluctantly held back. I was falling in love with her.

The day came to a closing end we watched the crimson sunset emerging  and cascading across the horizon, I felt I had lived the most memorable moment of my life. I couldn’t  quite comprehend the euphoria ,the exhilaration , the warmth that had overwhelmed my mind and soul. Can you fall in love in such a short space of time or is this infactuation? Suddenly jolted back to reality by a scream from Sandy, I watched in fear as she was hopping on one leg. “Ouch ouch she cried in pain” a crab had just nipped my foot.” I held out my hand to stable her and helped her to a near by rock to sit. Massaging her foot my heart was pierced with pain seeing tears the size of pearls roll from her brown eyes. I  gently cupped her tear stained face  holding her trembling body, comforting and embracing her, our bodies entwined. No words were necessary as the passion of the last two days was apparent in both our eyes.

The next day having an early start I left a note for Sandy to meet up for dinner and hope her foot was better. The day was demanding and despite my thoughts that kept reverting to the previous days events I didn’t have time to call Sandy. At last I managed to return back to the hotel, immediately I went to knock on Sandy’s door, the room was vacant and was being cleaned. I was puzzled and rushed down to reception enquiring where Sandy had moved to. To my horror I was informed Sandy had checked out at noon and had taken a flight back home to Canada. She had left no messages for me nor a contact address .I was in turmoil but there was nothing I could do to catch her, her flight would have taken off by now. I just had to wait till she landed .I requested the reception to give me her address and after much persuasion I finally obtained a contact telephone number for her.

The rest of the seminar I forced my self  to concentrate and tried to engross my self in my work, my mind was in turmoil. Avi noticed my  disturbed state and started questioning me.I think he was puzzled and couldnt understand reasons behind my sombre mood.I just couldn’t under stand why it ended like this .Our last night together  was so wonderful. It was mutual, both of us were consenting. What had gone wrong?  Maybe I will never find the answer to these questions, maybe this was part of the unspoken agreement we had chosen not to disclose our lives to each other. Maybe this was fate, the time we had shared was a memory that was to remain etched in our lives fore ever……….The unforgettable 72 hours….

Now here I am 5 years later, I never managed to track Sandy down, life moved on but our time together was unique, special, locked away in that corner of my heart for safe keeping may be fate one day will allow us to meet again ….

copyright © 2009 Nayna Kanabar


Part two:

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A proposal of a different kind!!


Environment games arcade.

Sounds: (To create the ambience)Humming, buzzing, shooting bleeping, car racing, clinking of money  and loud rock music in  background .

Deepak engrossed in playing on car racing game, Ria rushes in and almost collides with him. Ria is always in a hurry thodi spit fire jaise hai!!

Ria: “ Uff   Deepak what an awful place to ask me to come.”

Deepak ignores her and continues racing. Ria tries to get Deepak’s attention jangles her bangles and starts to play with her hair but all to no avail!!

Ria: “Deeepak yeh chodo na its so boring here chalo baahar jate hai.”

Deepak:  “Ria wait let me finish.” Just then money runs out and the racing car halts to  a stop .Deepak turns around and glances up at Ria ,he finally notices. “Hey why are you dressed like a dogs dinner, you going to a wedding or something??” Ria is dressed in a salwar kameez and not her familier jeans and T Shirt.

 Ria : Grabbing his arm Chalo na  Deepak its so hot and noisy here I need a drink.”

Deepak : “Ria you have some change ?I just want to have another go on this game”

Ria : “Deepak Are you coming or else I am going? Deepak hears the curtness in Rias voice and thinks oh oh fuse blow hone wala hai and thinks better to go with Ria.They go to the café and get a couple of pepsi’s.

Ria : “I have to talk to you .”

Deepak: “ Pehle toh tum ne kabhi permission nehi mange aaj kyun??”

Ria: “Oh just shut up Deepak and listen, Mere liye ek rista aya hai , the boy is a graduate with a good job and aj hi muje dekne ko aa raha hai.”

Deepak: “  Ji hain, toh kya ???dekh lena, Isme kya hai?”

Ria: “Toh mein deklu??”

Deepak: “ Ji  hain ,kyun nehi??”

Ria thinking yeh sadela, darpok muje “Hain” bol raha hai!!! Abb kya karoo?”Just then the phone rings  .

Ria: “  Ji hai,mummy, bas abhi aye. Deepak I have to go Mummy ka phone tha.Chalo Deepak main chale . ” Ria thodi naraz lag rahi thi ,sooch rahi thi pleases bolo kuch toh bolo .

Deepak:  “Good Luck Ria ,”

Holding back  a tear that is threatening to cascade. Thinking  in her mind he really doesn’t care he is so ignorant. Sadela darr pook!! Ria walks away.

Peeche sey Deepak  ki awaaz ayi .

Deepak: “Hey Ria wait!” Ria’s hear skipped a beat …………bol do ,bol do na deepak.

Instead. Deepak holds out to Ria her purse “You forgot this!”

Ria: “Thanks Deepak.”  she turns to leave, blinking hard to stop the tears.

Deepak: “Oh hain ek baat aur. Ria jo app ko woh  bandher(monkey) acha na lage toh, mere mummy ko ek achi bahu ki bahoot zarrorat hai!!!”…………………….

Ria turned to deepak and said “I hate you!!!  mere jaan ja rahi thi and app ko mazak lag raha tha!!! But she smiled sweetly and whispered Mummy ko bol bahu mil gaye!!!”

(C)copyright 2009 naynakanabar

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