Harry,Hairy or Hari??


Creepy crawlies, urgh!! Horrible and I don’t like them but I can proudly say that I am not the feeble female type that screams at the first sight of them and quivers with fright. I can usually pick up the offending creature with the help of a tissue of course and calmly dispose of it in the garden or out of the window. So it was no big deal when I heard screams from the kitchen that a spider had been spotted. Now believe me I am a clean freak and my kitchen is spotless  so to think that a spider had crawled around in my spotless kitchen was un believable thought, but it so happened  that it had.My immaculate, spotless kitchen had a new house uninvited house guest.

The offending creature, black hairy legs ,2cm in diameter ,with beady eyes and reflexes like sound waves had really and truely  made his presence known. We shall refer to him as  Harry (hairy) or Hari…… if in case he is Indian!!! Hairy was spotted crawling in  and out of the little space between the skirting board  and the base of the cupboard where there was a minute hole.

Now Hairy must be a very smart spider, he has been gracing us with his presence on random occasions over the last 4 days but each time I spot ted him and tried to and catch him he runs and hides in the hole.

Hairy the little creep is acting too intelligent; just as I try to coax him to leave his abode so that I can safely transport him to a greener, more open environment in my garden he runs back into his hole. What a dilemma!!! I have only a few options left now to de house Hairy.

The obvious green method approach of respect all creatures great and small is failing miserably . Forget equal rights and opportunities ,now the time has approached for some drastic actions!!!

Option one, I can arm myself with a can of firm hold hairspray ,spray to stiffen him so that I can stop him moving. I can then transport him to the garden. Option two, I can spray him with bug spray and suffocate him and dispose of him down the toilet. But do you think the animal rights  activists will come and arrest me for causing death by poisoning????

Option three, I can airlift him by blasting him out of his abode using the vacuum cleaner, wishing all the time that his flight is smooth and steady and does not cause him any injuries!!!All these three options will be life threatening to him and I am reluctant to use any, so please my dear blogger friends, help me ,what can I do to persuade Hairy to abandon his abode and move to greener pastures so that sanity can return to my clean kitchen.

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  1. interesting !! m so glad to be back to blogging !!

  2. Had I been spotted by the animal rights activists, I would have been jailed umpteen times. If Hairy is intelligent enough (and insane enough) to hide in the hole, never bother about disposing him off (bcoz you want the kitchen to be spotless).. Also, add up what happened to Hairy! Nice post! Keep this stuff going…


  3. I personally don’t think there’s anything that can be done, other than the above. Unless ofcourse you know anyone who speaks it’s language and convinces it to move on out .. :))

    Happy Hunting Hairy !

  4. well u r in quite a fix it seems… well the best way i can think of if put a vessel on top of it and somehow trap it in there… and leave it safely in a garden…
    or, u may want to try praying in front of him to leave…
    arre best… get urself bitten by it.. u’ll transform into spider-woman!!! :p :p

  5. Get Rid of the Web duh!

  6. @CRD but there is no web he keeps crawling in and out of the tiny hole!!DUH!!I just dont want to kill him!!!

  7. eeeeeeew. spider 😦

    i hate those crawlies. esp lizzies. they suffer, they get killed… cant stand the sight….

  8. Spider man..Spider man..
    da..ra..ra..da…spider man

    Ya gonna blast him?


  9. Hairy Home Hairy!!! 😆

    Since he’s not building webs and troubling ya, let him grow old there and die a natural death…!!

    Else fill and seal the hole that he comes in and out of!! 🙂

  10. I HATE spiders! I HATE them!

  11. I can’t suggest anything but I must say that your option 1 of using a hairspray was pretty hilarious. 😀

  12. Update on Hairy, he dissappeared for a day or so assuming he is on vacation .I blasted the hole behind the cupboard with the vacum cleaner to remove his belongings and give it a spring clean,followed by a generous dousing of insect repellent!!!
    Hairy has been evicted from his abode.

  13. ooops….
    I am very late on this one….

    I guess the situation would by now b under control….

    If not….
    then i would suggest that u should sing a lullaby….so that it sleeps.. and then you can shift it to its new house-the garden…..

    If this fails….

    Then u have the last option-declare war….

    all will be fare then…. 🙂

  14. like this one ..i hate those crawlies. esp lizzies. they suffer, they get killed…

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