New events, New openings and a Dream…..

Finally new events, I am updating this blog with a new post. Its ages and I do feel bad neglecting angels ~thoughts. Its not that I am out of literacy posts or that I have lost inspiration   but I am currently working on cultivating my culinary skills at my alternate blog  I am concentrating on developing and moving it to a new direction. Spending almost all my free leisure time, I have been busy cooking, baking, photographing, editing, cutting and finally posting and making my mark in the foodie blogosphere.

The benefits of it are that my family and friends are getting an array of treats and delights to sample and savour. Some creations have been successful and others I hate to admit have been a kitchen disasters and only suitable for the trash bin. This however has not put me off; on the contrary it has reinforced my passion for cooking with a vengeance. Not only that but I have become a shopaholic in the bake ware and kitchen  departments, where I have been feasting my eyes new tablecloths, crockery and unusual dishes in weird and wonderful  shapes and sizes.

In addition, I have been practising with my camera too, although I have yet to find a suitable photographic class.In the mean time with the help of google uncle once again I  am self teaching macro photography ,again I hate to admit I have had some  good and some not so good results. But still it’s all a learning curve and I am having great fun discovering new ideas .I only wish there were more hours in the day as I do love my sleep also.

Now for the new openings, All the effort and hard work has certainly paid off, I am pleased to say that has finally being noticed in the virtual world.  As from February 2010 will be featuring a regular recipe in a magazine called HOMEOBUZZ published on a monthly basis in India reaching some 10,000 readers. Being an NRI I feel proud that an Indian magazine is publishing my recipes. Seeing my name in print is an exhilarating feeling.

I have rambled on about new events and new openings and lastly  the dream…….I would love to compile a book for my recipes and maybe even someday publish it. People say “Believe in dream and you can turn it into reality”, so lets wait  and watch, until then I would like to share this poem on dreams.

I dream about the friends with whom I’ll grow old,
I dream about the person whose hands I’ll hold,
I dream about being young and in love,
I dream about loved ones, looking down from above.

I dream of the places I’ll one day see,
I dream of being wild and free,
I dream of my house, high on the rocks,
I dream of the sand underneath my socks.

I dream of the people I’d love to greet,
I dream of the things I’ll say when we meet,
I dream of hearing their voices sing,
I dream of being happy with everything.

I dream of travelling with a map in my hand,
I dream of never coming back to this land,
I dream of finding myself – in sense
I dream of jumping far off this fence.

I dream of any things that one day I’ll know,
I dream of the freedom: a dream I won’t let go,
I dream of my future and marvel at my pride
As my heart is flying and singing inside.


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  1. Sometimes we get befuddled with other things in life that we forget some others. I got too busy with my work and its progress that i hardly used to blog, but now i realize that without blogging, i am letting something go that i have kept as a part of mine… Hope to see more posts from you. Being a hardcore foody, am gonna check out your food blog and let my mouth water 😀

  2. Nice to see an update…awaiting a story.


  3. hey it was so good to hear your blog is gonna be featured in a magazine…Congrats,lady!
    i’d always search for recipes on web when i wanted to cook something different..but these days i found them on your blog.i don’t have to go anywhere else.

    it was a nice update!

  4. congrats dear,its a big achievmnt though u deserved this sumday..very happy new year i guess

  5. Congrats !! you seem to be on a learning/achievning curve. I myself believe in two things.

    1. No day when you have learnt something is a loss.
    2. Believe in your dreams and work on them. They come true eventually. Tomorrow if not today. but they do. 🙂

    So all the very best for your new ventures and I hope you’ll share your experiences with us here 🙂

  6. its always such a pleasure to cum across ur page. ur recipes r simply lovely n i do peep in ur page when in crisis or when in mood for sum cooking…

    hope u achieve all ur dreams n be just as happy as always 🙂

  7. I wish you luck in ur work…and congrats for ur simply.foods being featured in a magazine..
    nicely written post..and ending with a beautiful poetry on Dreams!!..

  8. congrats
    next time publish the macro photographs on ur blog


  9. @ vinayak check all the photos of food are taken by me.

  10. Hmmm, I can smell what (the) Angel is cooking……..
    Congratulations to you and hope to read your book in future. yes, believe in your dreams.

  11. beautifully written!

  12. beautifully written

  13. Congrats on your new direction!! Nicely written and good poem!! 🙂

  14. heyyy . nice to see an update … congrats for the magzine job 🙂 🙂 keep learning .. keep smiling 🙂

  15. hey nayna, got to see some of the recipes and resultant snaps on facebook, couldnt however get to taste them 😦 limitation of the net…perhaps someday somebody would help cross that barrier too..Some of the recipes/snacks are made here and given a chance i’d like to invite you and family over…

  16. An award awaiting for you at my space!! 🙂

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