Blind faith..


Do you ever wonder, What is god? Who is god? Where is god?? Is there a god??

As children we learn to follow what our parents teach us, we pray because they do; we follow a faith because they do. We put our trust in this unknown Supreme Being in total blind faith because the faith is instilled in us from a small age. It is some one we turn to in need, someone who we believe is there for us when all the doors are closed.

But is there really someone up there? If there is, are we mere strings on a puppet in his/her hands? Does this Supreme Being really hear us; does he really guide us in the right path? Does he deter us from the wrong path? Does he really listen to our pleas?

If this is the case then why when we have struggled and strived to achieve some thing, worked our hardest, left no stone unturned to achieve our hearts desire and eliminated all obstacles in the way, does the goal that we are a stones throw away to achieve is suddenly snatched away from us. If it was not meant to be then why did we get encouragement to attain it and reach for it only to have it break is a thousand fragments right in front of our eyes at the last moment?? Why are we lead to a path, enticed with aspirations and when we are about to fulfil them they are taken away? Sometimes these things happen time and time again, isn’t being disappointed once a lesson enough???

Isn’t this exactly like giving a child a wrapped lollipop and when the child has learnt to unwrap it, It’s  snatched away? Why give it in the first place??

People often say “Oh it was for the best it was not meant to be.” God knows this and there is something better waiting for you .But can you really have faith and believe this? Can we believe that our destiny is already pre written but that god gives us an opportunity to try and  divert it, or change it?? If this is the case why do we face failure after trying so hard???Do we have the power to change our destiny? Can we then say that “In faith there is enough light for those who want to believe and enough shadows to blind those who don’t?

Maybe having faith in someone or something will help to build an inward reservoir of courage, hope and calmness when you think that your life is facing an un relenting storm. Maybe there is no supreme being, it’s just an excuse, a way to console one self or maybe its someone to pass the blame to when things are out of our hands.Maybe its humans way of reaching out when all other doors are closed? Who knows may be “Scepticism is the beginning of Faith??”

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spectacle scrutiny!!!


Being an optician it’s become very habitual for me to observe the styles, fitting and general design of the spectacles that people wear, whether it is whilst working, travelling on trains or socialising. It is a strange habit you may think but the observations are sometimes very strange, amusing and often really shocking.

The number of people who don’t give second thought to how their spectacles are projecting their personality is unthinkable. You see spectacles balanced on the end of noses, women perching them in their hair as a hair accessory, people using them as a chewing aid when they gnaw away on the spectacle arm. Of course then you get those “I don’t care what my spectacles look like they are only functional ” who precariously balance them on one ear where the arm of the spectacle is missing  or of course the classic spectacles that are stuck together with sticky tape or worse still band aid plasters!!!!!!

Its interesting to know that you can tell a persons personality just by looking at the spectacles that they are wearing .e.g; you can spot  the designer  gurus who show off their CK and Armani specs not forgetting the dazzling bling diamantes topped frames  and the Gucci and Prada styles. On the other hand you get the extroverts, sporting multicoloured specs in very modern and funky colours. The contrast is set of with the intellects that wear the dark heavier studious look frames or better still the round metal rimmed Harry potter look. Then there is the girly look with the pretty baby doll pretty in pink look .

You will be astounded at the weird and wonderful observations, do take a look next time you are out and about.

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INDI rank

I recently joined this forum called Indi blogger, Its a good platform to interact with other bloggers and at the same time promote your own blogs.

I logged in  a few days ago and I was pleasently surprised  to find that my blogs and ANGELS THOUGHTS have both been ranked.It some how feels good to get recognition although I am not sure how important the ranking s are.

For those of you who are interested do visit this site:

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two watches -one week..

Within a space of a few days I have managed to misplace two watches .Stange how these things happen all at once when you least expect it especially as I am one of those people who never lose things and have a place to keep every thing neat and tidy.

The first watch I think I remember removing it off my wrist and placing it on my bedside table so its ironic that the next morning it should be there but to my dismay I couldnt find it any where I searched hi and low, in the bed around the bedroom, under the bed, the bathrooms and even all other rooms!!!

Now you may think well it will turn up after all its only a watch , but it was no ordinary watch. Although it was not vastly expensive it was tremendously valueable in sentimental value, no watch could replace it.This watch was bought to me by my daughter who had saved her pocket money for months to pay for it and then meticulously selecting it and gifting it to me on my birthday.

The second watch not so sentimental in value but still was one of my favorites. I have had for a few years, its the type of watch that lasts years and apart from the occasional battery change it ticks along and keeps wonderful time.

This too watch has dissappeared in the same manner.I really can’t explain the strange phenomenon.I am not short of watches and like most women I too have a collection of watches to suit all moods and dresses, but this sudden dissppearance has left me wondering if there are strange supernatural events trying to tell me something.

My friend who is highly interested into all this self analysis and supernatural  going ons tells me that the reason for losing two watch one after the other is something to do with my brain , psychologically wanting to stop time. …..Umm now to me all this is unbelieveable and I don’t think for a moment there is any truth in it.I am not even going to ask her to expalin this theory as it will be totally bizzarre I am sure.
Hopefully the watches will turn up just as they dissappeared until then I may as well forget about them and restart my mind watch again. Only time will tell what happened to them????

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What can I write??

what to write

Today after almost 2 weeks I am still thinking what to write, yes you are right the familiar writers block has invaded my brain and erased all good ideas. It’s very frustrating to think that there are so many things you could write about, but you can’t get any of them down on the paper. How can I decide on the subject matter and how do I come up with the idea for this week’s article?
A great way to come up with new ideas is to do a storyboard brainstorming session, so I tried that:

Should I write about my day at work or day at home?
Should I write about my thoughts or feelings??
Should I write a funny poem or an inspirational thought?
Should I whine and whinge that a person I thought was a good friend deleted me from their blog roll??
Should I write about the ups and downs or the lack of excitement in my life?
Should I write about the positive energy I am trying to create?
Should I cry about the summers end or should I rejoice that autumn here?
Should this be just a list I have compiled or should I post on each and every topic??
With these thoughts in mind I ponder what shall my next post be I wonder???

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