The moon light casting shadows of the unforgettable past,
The twinkling stars reminiscing of the memories they cast.
Chained in shackles, lifeless and silently still,
Imprisoned and motionless no more hurt left to feel.
Locked in a fearful plight confined to this chair of steel
Cold and shining, the feet replaced by the wheel.
Yearning to be free like the swallows in the sky,
Soaring high through the skies as they mightily fly.
No more  hurt  or tears, all that is left is pain,
To suffer life like a prisoner shackled with a ball and chain.

Published in: on November 2, 2009 at 10:43 pm  Comments (19)  

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  1. Ouch!!
    nicely written but 😦

  2. Its very touching. As far as I understood it, its a song of a person, who is trapped with his wheelchair after meeting with an accident…is it?

  3. @ sorcerer thanks.
    @ Nethra – yes you are absolutely right.I was trying to capture the hurt and anguish of the person without making it obvious that they were in a wheel chair.I wanted the reader to work that out for them selves.

  4. a wonderful song for the trapped and desperate

  5. Very nicely written..

  6. Well said..but it hurts!

  7. Love it, kinda sad, but its sooo intense!

  8. nicely written 🙂

  9. Lovely!! At the end of it all, all that is left is pain!! 🙂

  10. very touching… 🙂

  11. Awesome.

  12. awesum poetry..I hope I shud never see such a situation in life..:) Anyways it was great and I enjoyed reading the post..:)

  13. nice one
    i have now read many poems in ur blog
    but this was really gud

  14. Awesome.
    well written..

  15. i witness serious talent here.

  16. Nice One!
    Nice writing skills.

  17. Really nice! Excellent and spot-on references (esp the ‘swallows in the sky’. I wont suffer if I have this as a poem in my English text.. I’d love to read this again.! I’d like to see you put up a poem like this once again!!

    Hitting the ‘back’ button to read the poem once again!


  18. Hey, really well written piece. Photograph enhances experience. Can i ask where you got it? I’m studying Art and Photography at the minute and i found it really interesting.


  19. Nice Poem

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