Car trouble.

car service

My car was due for its annual service and needed some body work done where some dishonest driver has nipped the driver side wing whilst it was in the mall car park and left it dented and scratched for me to discover hours later. How very annoying and costly to fix!!!Hope that person gets his/her due for doing such a bad deed.

Having arranged a suitable time, a negotiation of work  to be completed in no more than two days and of course a automatic courtesy car to use in the interim period, I was happy to part with my pride and joy for two whole days .

At the garage all formalities and paper taken care of I was shown to my courtesy car, to my dismay and annoyance it was a manual car and not automatic as I had requested. I was far from happy, for a number of years I have driven an automatic car; to have the nuisance  of gear changes with a manual car especially  in rush hour traffic  was just too irritating. I voiced my annoyance and duly explained that I had requested that I wanted an automatic car but all the garage could offer was that they could reschedule the service or I take the manual car. Damn!! These garages they are useless. Not wanting to have to wait any longer and having the in convenience of re scheduling, I reluctantly took the keys for the manual car and proceeded on my way. Thinking all along that when I get home, I am going to write a stern complaint email to the garage manager.

Although I have previously driven a manual car, I was truly out of practise and immediately stalled the car on driving out of the garage, A few more stalling sessions, enduring tooting from irritant drivers in the traffic, I finally got to grips with the gear changing. My journey that took me 15 mins to the garage took me a whole 45 minutes to return home. I am dreading the school run in the rush hour. I just hope there are no hiccups with the service and repairs to my car and my pride a joy and me are reunited very soon.

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  1. that is some post..u need ur car back desperately dear..

  2. Hope you will get your Car back soon..
    Keep Writing

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  4. It must have been very annoying. Hope you get back your car soon.

  5. sad, but hope you are enjoyin your time in the ‘vintage car’ . Its a visit down the memory lane actually. Refresh up those long forgotten lessons, taken over by auto shift.

  6. haha…nice post abt car trouble.. hehe..
    yea in heavy traffic it s tuff to drive manual-cars..
    hope ur car will get well soon.. 😀

  7. manual drives have prob always because of the clutch factor 🙂

  8. lol! this explains why I’m 21 and still aint got a driving licence.. the clutch, brake and the accelerator, they all look the same to me ;D

  9. he he…cursing the real culprit !!!

    Hope u will drive the manual car safely….

  10. interesting

  11. Hope U Get Used To the manual one

  12. Same here… its always been a big time confusion for me as well..brake and clutch look alike except for that they are meant for different functions…hehe 🙂

  13. Interesting post .Keep blogging

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