spectacle scrutiny!!!


Being an optician it’s become very habitual for me to observe the styles, fitting and general design of the spectacles that people wear, whether it is whilst working, travelling on trains or socialising. It is a strange habit you may think but the observations are sometimes very strange, amusing and often really shocking.

The number of people who don’t give second thought to how their spectacles are projecting their personality is unthinkable. You see spectacles balanced on the end of noses, women perching them in their hair as a hair accessory, people using them as a chewing aid when they gnaw away on the spectacle arm. Of course then you get those “I don’t care what my spectacles look like they are only functional ” who precariously balance them on one ear where the arm of the spectacle is missing  or of course the classic spectacles that are stuck together with sticky tape or worse still band aid plasters!!!!!!

Its interesting to know that you can tell a persons personality just by looking at the spectacles that they are wearing .e.g; you can spot  the designer  gurus who show off their CK and Armani specs not forgetting the dazzling bling diamantes topped frames  and the Gucci and Prada styles. On the other hand you get the extroverts, sporting multicoloured specs in very modern and funky colours. The contrast is set of with the intellects that wear the dark heavier studious look frames or better still the round metal rimmed Harry potter look. Then there is the girly look with the pretty baby doll pretty in pink look .

You will be astounded at the weird and wonderful observations, do take a look next time you are out and about.

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  1. Ya..thats true, even I spent a lot of time picking on my frames. Because your looks shouldn’t contradict your personality, whats on your mind..should be one your eyes 🙂

  2. I always wondered at those spectacles the FTV models wear.
    Gee..some even had LCD thingy and RADAR etc etc on it.

  3. always a fan og u angels..asways
    love it small n crisp..sexy

  4. Interesting topic and all you have written is very interesting

  5. quite an interesting observation…
    so, personality check with the way one wear spectacles…gotta give it a try,….gud narration!!

  6. As an optician u made a nice analysis from your only point of observation…. ever thought wats personality of someone whose specs are reverse the original design… ?????? needn’t wonder who it is…

  7. good observation… well just curious to know what kind of spectacles you might be using… (just kidding). nice one… a unique observation…

  8. I too wear specs but never bothered whether it suits my personality or not, but after reading this article tried to analyze how i look with it and realized it isn’t that bad.

  9. i wear specs too…n BTW, u r an optician???

    i wanted to wear specs at the begini cuz i thot it would give some cool-look. 😉 but nw its a kinda burden… i hate it now… but alwyas i do spend hell lotta time to select a good one.. 😉

  10. i thought it wud be cool for me to wear specs….but now its hell….

  11. Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

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