two watches -one week..

Within a space of a few days I have managed to misplace two watches .Stange how these things happen all at once when you least expect it especially as I am one of those people who never lose things and have a place to keep every thing neat and tidy.

The first watch I think I remember removing it off my wrist and placing it on my bedside table so its ironic that the next morning it should be there but to my dismay I couldnt find it any where I searched hi and low, in the bed around the bedroom, under the bed, the bathrooms and even all other rooms!!!

Now you may think well it will turn up after all its only a watch , but it was no ordinary watch. Although it was not vastly expensive it was tremendously valueable in sentimental value, no watch could replace it.This watch was bought to me by my daughter who had saved her pocket money for months to pay for it and then meticulously selecting it and gifting it to me on my birthday.

The second watch not so sentimental in value but still was one of my favorites. I have had for a few years, its the type of watch that lasts years and apart from the occasional battery change it ticks along and keeps wonderful time.

This too watch has dissappeared in the same manner.I really can’t explain the strange phenomenon.I am not short of watches and like most women I too have a collection of watches to suit all moods and dresses, but this sudden dissppearance has left me wondering if there are strange supernatural events trying to tell me something.

My friend who is highly interested into all this self analysis and supernatural  going ons tells me that the reason for losing two watch one after the other is something to do with my brain , psychologically wanting to stop time. …..Umm now to me all this is unbelieveable and I don’t think for a moment there is any truth in it.I am not even going to ask her to expalin this theory as it will be totally bizzarre I am sure.
Hopefully the watches will turn up just as they dissappeared until then I may as well forget about them and restart my mind watch again. Only time will tell what happened to them????

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  1. Haha…nice to read…
    i really liked it…. not the watch missin thingy though.. sorry for ur watch.. 🙂

    haf fun

  2. Hi..losing two watches inline could as well an indication to the topic to blog 🙂
    I know..losing something is not as painful as losing something which has memories attached to it,,
    I lost my first super accessorised cell phone and lost it exactly in one month..but the painful part is I still hover around the resto where I lost a hope to find it lying somewhere.It had the most treasured moments of first meeting with my husband.
    Somehow, I have this belief that a thing which is not so expensive ‘ll never leave you than something which is a first time asset to you and is very costly..
    I have just stopped buying expensive stuffs now..just for the fear of losing it!

  3. haha.
    hmmm…I have a thought..May be…Just may be..they walked away with their hands..
    2 watches… i think ..they were in love or something and just decided to spend sometime alone..and got lost..
    ya know..they make all these watches now a days with artificial intelligence and things..

    I hope they have GPS to find the way back home

  4. hey u know wat??..such sorts of things keep on happening wid me too..infact wen ever my shoe lace comes out a good news knocks my door:))…hope therz gud news awaiting for u aswell..i know all dis things sounds weird but its a gr8 fun following them…


  5. Lol it hapens,with me specialy 😛
    I like your blog,follow me on blogger if u like im already following your another blog,food one..both are super u rocks

  6. Lost two watches kept at the bedside?? Strange!! Any chances of it being stolen? or monkey trouble? am just curious!! 🙂 Sorry for the loss though…bad time i guess!!

  7. Thats very good to know… thanks

  8. lolzz nice post

  9. 1. Next time place your 3rd watch on the table and pretend to sleep, catch the thief when s/he turns up.


    2. Install a CCTV camera in your room, place watch on the table; switch on the camera and go to sleep. Wake up in the morning and find our who featured on the camera.


  10. poor you and poor me
    yes ,Iv also lost watch and know the feeling when someone asks time and proudly tellin em

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