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Summer time when weather is warm and sunny and its time to enjoy the out doors.Lovely summer clothes ,shorts and t shirts and pretty floral dresses are all around but sadly due to over indulgence and comfort food to while away the winter has left a noticebly sign around my waist. Having put on put on a few pounds in the cold and drab winter months, I decided it was time for action if I wanted a new summer wardrobe.The plan is to loose at least 3-4 kg and drop a dress size ,a realistic achievable goal I think. The treat a shopping spree for some new summer clothes.

So I started with the fridge , cleaned it out and filled it with healthy goodies (are there really goodies that are healthy you may ask???)Next to clear out the cupboards and get rid of all un healthy snacks like crisps and biscuits.Make an exercise and eating plan and I am off.

I searched the net for tips and ideas  and came up with the Special K diet.

This is a diet where you eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast and one for lunch with fat free milk of course and a healthy and balanced dinner.Healthy snacks like fruit and veggies are allowed in between.

Much to my surprise I didnt find this very hard and now I am almost at the end of the second week of this healthy plan.As for the exercise ,my wii fit thinks its got a new lease of life.Its never been used so much since its purchase.I am really enjoying the step aerobics on it and the tennis is awesome.The results , well have lost just under 2 kg not bad !!!…but I have to maintain this regime to reach my goal. Check this site for the wii fit.

I will update this post as time progresses with updates on “My beat the bulge” until then come on you guys those who need to loose a few extra pounds take the plunge you can do it.

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  1. Nice content….Good Blog

  2. virtual aerobics eh?? 😀 I hope the weight loss wasn’t virtual as well! 😛

  3. Nothing beats like noodles 3 times a day.

  4. Really good to see that..relief..relief!! I am a big time figure freak, I used to be a foodie some 6 months back. I could very well say, diet is the bulls eye for the mission. Esp. when you have a sedentary lifestyle like mine.I have so many stories to tell, I lost almost 6 inches believe me!

  5. wow

    i can never diet or exercise =/
    i have an appetite like that of scooby’s *sniffles*

    Nice blog =)
    do check out mine


  6. Beat the bulge..

    Nice initiative. 😛

  7. nice content.
    keep posting.
    visit mine.

  8. Well, I wish you best of luck with your mission to lose weight!

  9. i lol’d at the title 😀
    btw i think you’re suffering from Anorexia Nervosa..
    Me, I’d give anything to gain a few pounds, cause right now I’m slimmer than the MotoRAZR 😦

    keep bloggin 🙂

  10. I would suggest taking up Cycling or Walking as your primary exercise activity.

  11. Your fitness regime sounds more often like the New Year Resolutions.. I don’t follow any. let that work at least for you! Gud luck. All’s well unless you come up with a ‘bring the bulge’ regime to compensate this..

  12. another nice post man.i know its difficult coz bad habits seldom dies but still ur efforts r admired..hope u carry on d weight losing spree well.

  13. love the look of ur blog.
    being a victim of the bulge, i eactly know how difficult it is to deal with it 😦

  14. @ sushmita thanks for visiting and liking the blog I am pleased to say I am almost at my desired weight just a few pounds to go to achive my goal.

  15. Sounds like a plan ! 😉 Will surely try it …

  16. Haha Nice post
    Positive all the way,
    I too need to get back to shape for the new semester 😀

  17. Wow! Its imposible… I’m realy shocked :/

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