Typical british weather so unpredictable!!

June, July, August  is supposed to be summer time in the UK, but we will be luckly if in those three months we  get a complete month of sunshine.It seems rain and the Uk have a partnership.One minute you can be basking in a summer heat wave and next a sprinkle of showers.Lately we have been graced with many randon and unexpected  thunderstorms ,I guess all thanks due to global warming!!.Today was no different, seeing beautiful blue skies I decided to do a big batch of laundry, No sooner had I hung it out to dry flapping away in the breeze, the heavens opened to soak my clean laundry.

Grabbing it all off the washing line I dragged it all in and went to dry myself from the rain.Hey presto within  moments blue skies appeared and the sun shone.Once again I rehung the laundry out to flap and dry in the breeze but I think the heavens had other ideas!!! Within a space of half an hour the sky became over cast and before I could run out into the garden to retreive my washing  it had started to pelt down. 

Drat this British weather, It was pointless  trying to collect the soaked washing it would need another wash now!!!So I did the most unpredictable thing ever.I left the laundry and decided to enjoy the rain instead of cursing it!!Dancing around in it I was throughly drenched, not caring about catching a cold or my dripping clothes and hair I fully enjoyed the rain fall!!How invigorating it felt.I can’t ever remember deliberately getting drenched but the experience was awesome.While I was idiotly dancing in the rain, god knows what the neighbours made of it if they saw me, only time will tell!!But I didnt care ,the pleasure was worth it.This song came to mind, so sharing it here!!!

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  1. cho chweet…!! clothes dried up or still wet :p

  2. lol, wat a contradiction. here in india, we are suffering from eternal heat and neverending sunshine, u in u.k feel the need for them.
    hey there is a lots more sunshine here in india…come and njoy…and plzz take the english rainfall water with u…we need it here.

  3. Nice video & weather article.

  4. And which song were you singing? “Barso re megha megha”?

    Here in Delhi one (esp females worried about skin complexion) needs umbrella but only in summer to shield one from sun. It rains on very few days in monsoon season and it would be silly to use umbrella then instead of enjoying jhamaajham baarish.

  5. same here in bhubaneswar…except in June you can enjoy frigid weather and burning heat…..in the same week…

  6. Yeah. quite the same in Bangalore. Though the rain just comes and sneezes and goes away! Like the song that you posted, though. An old, old favourite!

  7. love the british weather. here in miami friends tease me that i prefer everything drab and muggy 🙂
    Miami is so hot and humid. gimme the ole english weather any time

  8. Nice blog…..

  9. Hey nice write up light & fresh as the rain..loved the song 🙂 Thanks for making my day.

  10. i love such weather too…and beatiful song btw… 🙂

  11. Why bother to be dry when you can be wet :)… Nice post.

  12. Errr..In bangalore even the rain is rationed these days.

    no..blame it on globalwarming..not recession

    Will they name it “bangalored” for “no rains scenarios”

  13. lovely post and excellent blog

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