When the shoe is on the other foot…


The last few weeks I have been busy with painting and decorating,after taking much advise and quotations form various decoraters I came to the conclusion that those who I liked were way too expensive to recruit and those that were cheaper would not do the job to my satisfaction.So I decided to give up all my spare time and do the decorating my self of course with some help from my partner.

At the moment I am currently working  on the bedroom, the preparation all done the walls  are ready for painting  we went off to the DIY shop . Armed with a shopping list of tools we needed and to choose the paint of course.

Now you may ask, well whats the problem you are only buying paint, ahem !! its was not as easy  as that. Just as women can spend endless  hours walking from department to department just gazing at the clothes, shoes and handbags, men do the same in DIY shops.To think that we would be in and out of the shop in less than an hour was  a mistake. My partner dragged me around each and every isle , be it plumbling, lightening or electrics not forgetting the power tools. Here we spent ages looking at all the new gadgets that would make a DIY enthusiasts life simple or look very impressive in the garage!!!It took me almost an hour to drag him away from  the power tools ,loosing him  on a few occasions on the way to the checkout. I certainly know what it feels like now that the shoe was on the other foot.In future maybe I will be more sympathetic towards his moaning when I drag him shopping with me!  🙂

We still havn’t decided on the paint colour but have picked some sample pots to check out at home.My only worry now is dare I take him back there to make the final purchase???lolz  🙂

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  1. Shopping (or rather selecting items) in one thing I find extremely hard to do, be it cloths, shoes or any electronic item. Hamesha sochta hoon ki yeh loon ya woh loon ya phir woh wala loon, dimaag kharaab ho jaata hai. 😀

  2. lolz funny!

  3. hehe! TIT for tat! 😛

  4. hey nayana,

    the DIY is best thing to do but it requires lot of perfection which i believe u will have it 🙂

    my laptop is on again and i shud be able 2 help u out with the ipod problem if it still exists!!

  5. Finally whts the color?

  6. what can i say more about perfect blogger

  7. Finally colour is sorted we compromised.My partner wanted boring cream and I wanted something more exciting.So back wall is colour teal (for those who dont know what colour that is its a cross between sky blue and turquoise ie like a greeny blue like the ocean and the remaining two walls will be cream
    the 4th wall has floor to ceiling wardrobes in cream!!!)
    Fingers crossed it turns out how I have visualised!!!

  8. wow.. teal wil look quite magnificent on walls… i thought u would have gone in for more romantic shades liek light pink or stuff… anyways good luck! fun to read 🙂

  9. @ shruti original room was peach so wanted a complete change was needed.thanks for such lovely comments.

  10. lolzzzz

  11. Ha! Now you know! 😛

    btw, all those recipes in the other blog are Your’s?? I am gonna try them out one day for sure!

  12. yes aswin all tried and tested in my kitchen and photos captured there too!!:)

  13. To that list of DIY and all, add gadgets and gizmos too. We just love them!
    Nicely written. 🙂
    Hope you’re happy with the final outcome.


  15. Well what can I say? Thank God there are some things that men and women are quite predictable about, leaving out a few ‘aberrations’!
    Gadgets, cameras, food, drink, slush. Just brings that glazed to our eyes!

  16. heheh… lovely. have fun doin dat… 🙂

  17. Lolz…Men also can be as annoying as women in matters! 😉 Let us know the final shopping experience! 😛

  18. its the other way around for me! remember the times when i was in such shops with my dad! could relate to ur state! lol! anyways, its clothes, sneakers and bags that take me longer time! DIY shops?? No, thank you!

  19. You wont believe my grandmother once painted her own house. At that time i think she was over 60yrs.

    But u know she just managed to complete 1 room and gave it up….

    Its gud to do it urself if ur not old 😀

  20. Shopping is equivalent to capital punishment for me

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