IpOd nano~ RIP .


Relying heavily on my ipod for music I feel thoroughly lost without it. You may ask but why, what happened? Being a meticulously careful person I really can’t understand what happened. I had my ipod plugged into the ipod connection in the car and was happily singing or rather screeching to the music. All was well that is until I arrived at the gym disconnected it from the car to take it inside. All ready to pump to the music I plugged in the ipod on the tread mill and was ready to select my favourites play list when to my horror the scroll wheel on the ipod was totally frozen and refused to budge an inch!!! Annoyed and irritated I had to make do with the in house radio to exercise to!!

At home I tried to un lock the scroll wheel by following the advise on the apple website the magic “five R’s”. BL***Y useless the ipod scroll wheel refused to work!! Only option was to reset the factory settings. Now seriously my heart was doing somersaults. I had to make sure all my music was copied and in the itunes library before I attempted such a manoeuvre!!! With a deep breath, fingers crossed and lots of praying I reset the ipod!!! With baited breath I awaited the consequences, but to my disappointment all the music wiped out but the ipod scroll wheel refused to budge!!! I now have a useless ipod!! Stuck scroll wheel and no music!!!

Trying not to feel too dejected I thought ok all is not lost, I will send it to apple to get it fixed!! I typed in the serial number on the web site and to my horror I discovered that my warranty had just expired!!Damn!! Sods law!! I am convinced that apple plant this little memory chip that has a clock set on it that makes their ipod’s  break immediately after the warranty expires to get people to but new ones!!

The reason for this post is to see if any of you wonderful techies out there have a miraculous cure to solving my ipod dilemma. I guess if all fails I will need to replace it .Ipod touch here I come!! Or maybe not I should investigate the market for an alternate mp3 player.

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  1. ipod touch, the thing to be. Get it. i hv it and its a sexy gadget. Absolute gem.

    Abt this one i can help u fix if i get to know exact problem. my prev nano had frozed 2 times.

  2. Kenjadha kurai than.

  3. man yes ipod touch is mindblowing…
    …but one thing i must say..its not worth the money u pay for it…

  4. Totally sympathize with u , but the only advise I have is get a new one :)) Sorry, can’t be of more help since i’ve never had one myself …

  5. The one above wants you to upgrade! Go for the touch! 😀

  6. Bhagwan aapke ipod nano ki aatma ko shanti de! 😀

    This looks good to me:


  7. got a new gadget?

  8. nice post……

  9. wanna link exchange if yes then leave a comment in my blog….

  10. Hmm guess u ought to get a new one…:)


  11. hi nayna,

    Added ur blog to my reader. shall read all and comment

  12. IMHO, a non-working scroll wheel should be no reason for a total change in the device… Try Yahoo Answers or something, might be of some help…
    (Since I’ve never owned an iPod, I don’t know much about this… I use my N72 to listen to music, and it rocks!)

  13. aghh… so sadd… !!its really hard to miss a gadget like ipod….
    btw interesting speculation “I am convinced that apple plant this little memory chip that has a clock set on it that makes their ipod’s break immediately after the warranty expires to get people to but new ones!!” 😛 lol

  14. i dont know…….change your ipod seems to be the best soln…but touch is anything but cheap…….

  15. Write email to Apple people. Check on yahoo Answers!! Sorry! couldn’t help much after reading the whole story. I can just say that you have an art of making not so interesting thing to a interesting story which is actually a actually a implicit query. Cool!!!


  16. @element thanks for the compliment.Seems no one knows the answers.:(

    I have googled even called up apple they made suggestions that I have followed all to no avail.Apple will offer to look at it at an atrocious charge and even then no guarantee ,thinking rather than spend money on repair better to put that money towards replacement.

  17. Hmm well best solution: Sell it to a 2nd hand dealer, they will take it for a price, low no doubt, but you’ll get something rather than nothing, and get urself a new pod!

  18. Have U Tried Some Repairing Shops…???
    If There They Cant Solve ur Problem Then U Must Buy A New Gadget

    And Instead Of Buying An I-Pod
    U Can Go For An Mobile(Some Music Series).
    Samsung Beat Is Really Nice
    It Will be Cheaper Than Ipod Touch

  19. hmm… that was nice

    err..do you know google is planning to come up with own operating system..
    wait till they freeze your keyboards
    how about selling it on ebay ..parts by parts
    nice writeup

  20. Hi Angel, Romba thanks for the comment ..

  21. Nothing can replace Ipod-Nano…its my life..and i know how u must be feelin rite now..

    Few days back i misplaced my nano..i was literally crying, but thank god i got it back..!!

    Anyways how long is the warranty period, i am too a bit terrified about the small chip u mentioned which will jam my scroll just after the warranty expires lols..!!

  22. sad…. i never used an ipod before……

    i have a usb mp3 player its a lot cheaper than an Ipod.

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