Hulgavva-the sponsorship ends.

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hul2hul3hul9Today as I opened my mail ,I was rather dismayed to receive from Plan International Charity  a letter telling me that my sponsorship for this  girl Hulgavva has now come to an end. I was informed that she was no longer in need of my sponsorship as her education needs were fulfilled and she had left school and was now married. A child bride I guess??? I was rather saddened to hear this, but at the same time I feel that at least she had the opportunity to have received some form  of education , not just writing and reading but education in welfare, contraception , health and above all education in being independant.


Although she is still not able to read and write I regularly received hand drawn pictures from her. I certainly hope that some of this education will have made a  small difference in her life.

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”






My friendship with Hulgavva  opened my eyes to the poverty and dearth that these children endure. It is an experience that is unforgettable. I wish Hulgavva well for the future and pray that she has a safe and healthy life ahead.

My journey with Hulgavva has made me even more adamant that I should continue  my sponsorship .I have again requested Plan International that they renew my sponsorship with a another needy child ,only stipulation being that she is female.Now you may ask why the partiality? Well female children are not regarded in the same light as male children.Where  there is a shortage of funds, it is the male children that are chosen to be educated, females are often seen as a burden.I strongly feel that whatever  small help I can offer in making a difference in a female childs life, it is definately worth the trouble and money well spent.

“I am only ONE , but I am one.  I cannot do everything, but I can do something.It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little – do what you can…

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  1. this is a very noble initiative N. we must ensure we can bring about some difference in this ppl lives in watever ways we can.

  2. Keep up the good work, your cause is as noble as a cause can be!

  3. interesting blog (rating 6/10)

  4. @ Alishah- Thanks for the rating but could have been usefull if you had suggested areas of improvement so that I could increase the rating!! 🙂

  5. gud that you are working for a noble definitely requires a strong willpower to work for such noble cause.

  6. @ adeline sponsoring a child is no big deal you just commit to a child provide a monthly direct debit to plan international and they do the rest.The return is that you recieve updates on your sponsored child and you can choose to keep in touch with them or just be a silent sponsor. It takes very little effort but the fruits that are reaped provide immence pleasure.

  7. Wow, kudos to you Nayna. Keep up the good work, hopefully I’ll be able to emulate you when I become capable enough. What you are doing is really commendable. 🙂

    Interestingly I came across this quote 2-3 days ago only:

    “If you educate a boy, you educate an individual, but if you educate a girl, you educate a nation!”

    If only the govt machinery were competent enough…sigh!

  8. That is totally wonderful . It’s so amazing that you choose to help those children.. Very noble. This action is an inspiration to all of us out here …

    It must have been a wonderful feeling for you to read her letters and see her artwork. I wish the correspondence between the sponsor and the child was more in these child support programs.

  9. wow… it is great to see that you’ve been actively working towards helping the masses… most of just talk about it and wish to do it but don’t really give a helping hand

    on a completely off handed note… how did you get in touch with Plan International and how can I get in touch with them if I plan to do something?

  10. @sanz57

    You just go onto this web site and all is there you can make a one off donation or commit to sponsor a child.

  11. @ adisha The contact with the child can be as regular as you wish or not at all its all up to the sponsor, however majority of these children cannot read or write and they cannot afford any postage so correspondence is infrequent. However plan have a facility where the sponsor can send prepaid postage envelopes for the sponsored child to use.They also appreciate gifts like colour pencils and picture books.Truely I highly recommened that if you can spare a few pounds/dollars/rupees a month its never too late to make a difference in someones life however small or big the gesture.

  12. hatts off!!!

  13. good work! keep it up 😀

  14. Good work….
    and the last words were truly inspiring..

    We can make a difference with our small steps taken for others welfare…

    Keep it up… 🙂
    Its also sad to hear that even charity organizations and NGOs are partial with boys and feel girls are burden…. 😦

    hope this changes soon….

    God bless Hulgavva…..

  15. Keep up ur good word..Hatts off…

  16. nice post (rating 8.5/10)

  17. owow .. great work as well as great topic…

    please find my blog and do comment also wants ur feed back.

  18. Thats so sad to know…I really dont know what to say! But you do keep up your good works buddy! 🙂

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