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Hi friends

Thanks for visiting my Blog, hopefully you find the posts interesting, entertaining and worth reading. Do please let me know your comments ,your feed back is most appreciated.


Just to let you know that I may not be able to update this Blog as frequently as I would like to in the next couple of weeks as I am working on a house renovating project.<<<Sounds good yeh??


Well actually to be truthful, I am knee deep in paint and wall paper as I am redecorating one of rooms at home. Only problem is that it seems I have paint every else but the walls at the moment!!!!!  On hair, face cloths floor OMG how did it even get there???


As for wall papering where do you get a third arm to hold up the paper whilst pasting and sticking?? I think I seriously need to go and read some DIY books to get some tips.


So for now please do keep visiting and take this opportunity to catch up with some of my older posts.

May I suggest you take a peek at some of these posts:



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  1. you would b missed mate 🙂 tk care n be back soon 🙂

  2. me too going on vacation sort .. dropped tosay hellos and bye till m back !! hope to see pics of ur new decorations 😀

  3. hey,

    All the best for your renovations. Surely will check the rest of your posts out soon.

    Hope you can put up a picture of the renovated area here for us all to see…

    Always a pleasure visiting your blog.


  4. Ah! Self painting and plastering? cool…All the best buddy!! 🙂
    Do let me know when you get back!! Miss ya, hope not for long! 🙂

  5. @ sam thanks I will still be around just not as frequent.

  6. @ prats hve agreat vacation.

  7. @ adisha, thanks its hard work but the satisfaction on completion is amazing and you never know I mat get some blog inspiration from my mishaps!!!

  8. @ sree yeh i wont be gone fore ever just wont be that frequent will surely keep in touch with u guys blogs and in any case you can always email me with latest.

  9. Cool, but don’t forget to show us the output of your hardwork. 😀

  10. See ya and you take care
    come back soon

    wow!painting!! cool thing

    try paintin the pet… its soo cool!

  11. Do put a pic of the room once u r finish with the renovation… 🙂

    Come soon… 🙂

  12. sure angel …will check out your fiction posts

    i am a fan of your stories

    happy renovation!

    and be careful not to get the paint ‘ there’ again 😛

  13. heyyy .. colors and redecoration sounds cool yaar:) .. enjoy 😀

  14. I would definitely miss your fiction stories tat, for certain, contained ‘a slice of life’ stuff.
    You are painting the room yourself? If so, it’s great. Write a post on that experience too. 🙂

  15. @gopsay yup I have done all the back breaking work of preparation and and now going to wall paper it and paint the woodwork phew its hard work!!!

  16. All i can say is that DIY is not for everyone just as writing a good blog.
    you have a great talent. dunno abt that DIY. 🙂
    great blog. cant comment on painting though.
    cant come and see too.
    left UK some 5 years back. :))

  17. some of your older posts r truly magical. ur writings are more of dreamy and u talk of memories, which seem to be an integral part of many of your posts.
    gud wrk

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