Letting go……



Rhea stood in the hall way. Her eyes scanned around the familier warm honey coloured walls, her gaze rooted to the picture of her and Amit taken on their honeymoon in the Seychelles. There was so much love and happiness in the picture.


Forcing her eyes to move from the picture, Rhea picked up the mail from the door mat and neatly placed it in the letter holder on the piano ready for Amit to find. Knowing how Amit was particular about uniformity, she meticulously straightened the drooping daffodil in the vase. Taking a deep breath, she took one last look around the place that had been her home for the last seven years.


She placed the note and keys next to the mail, picking up her coat and her case she stepped out into the hazy spring sunshine. The sunshine too was deceiving as a chilly breeze engulfed her. Finally the time had come, Rhea had gathered up the courage to sever the ties to the  already  frayed thread. The last couple of years of their marriage had  seen many ups and downs. During the dwindling  relationship in the last few months, Rhea had lived in denial, in the glimmer of hope that things will improve, but  in time realisation grew that what had once been too good to be true had now been tainted and shrouded with jealousy, fights, and wrong doings,  and these were just to name a few. The silent treatment, the humiliation and belittling that she had suffered had left her a nervous wreck. Gone was the sparkle in her once vibrant emerald eyes. Her face looked gaunt and drained. Her vivacious personality that Amit had fallen in love with was now crumpled and crushed like a withered petal that was once from a beautiful rose.


She walked up the drive past the clusters of spring flowers that she had so painstakingly planted. The cab driver jumped out to open the door for her. Mustering false courage Rhea climbed into the cab as she took one last glimpse, capturing  the picture and savouring it in her memory forever. A lump formed in her throat, as she tried not to choke on the threatening tears. Holding back the desire to sob she barely heard the cab driver asking her where she wanted to go. “Airport please” she mumbled.

Clutching her passport and Singapore tickets she stared out of the window at the familier landscape, in  Rhea’s mind many thoughts popped. Numerous doubts started to articulate. Had she made a grave mistake accepting the job transfer? Is this right?? Many uncertainties started to penetrate her mind , her thoughts were in turmoil .Breaking up with someone you care about is one of the toughest decisions one ever has to go through. Dealing with the pain and heart break is never easy. But the time had come to set  free what  little love that now remained between her and Amit .The love that needed breathing space to stop it stifling and suffocating, the love that one day may return but for now it needed to be set free.

Rhea thought we need to live the days as they are set out and not live in the past. Broken hearts that are crushed are never healed. They haunt us for a lifetime even if we find someone else. Our past teaches us lessons that make us more aware and more human. Why then doI  feel so hurt knowing it can only get better? Now that it’s all over, I have come to know, that in order to heal my pain, the first step is to let go…..

 Copyright@ 2009 Nayna Kanabar

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  1. able to feel the pain of Rhea from the post..
    mmm touching

  2. If only more women knew that.. in fact people knew that it’s important to knwo when to let go … 🙂

    love ur blogs !


  3. Yet another touching story and not a single flaw do I get to see. The emotional quotient is maintained well throughout the story. Nice piece of fiction. Keep blogging!

  4. You are right! Let go…
    And sometimes, it heals too…believe me! 🙂
    Good short story buddy! 🙂

  5. that was a long post
    it had a strong message.
    wonderful work comrade 🙂

  6. no comments….simply because.. u know perhaps what i’d say ..well presented though a bit long…ya in real life it does feel like years or centuries pass by, by the time all this happens and people are back in their previous bright types…

  7. Tum ko bhi hai khabar
    Mujhko bhi hai pata
    Ho raha hai judaa
    Dono ka raasta
    Dur jaake bhi mujhse tum meri yaadon main rehna
    Kabhi alvida na kehna
    Kabhi alvida na kehna

  8. ..Sometimes letting go is the best way to show you really care …

  9. Wonderful amazing work..loved it to the core…tc…

  10. Hey really nicely written and its true that we learn a lot from past and it makes us more human. I liked it!!!

  11. So touching and deeep.. 🙂 The pain that one goes through a break up of anyrelationshop is hard to get over but at the end of the day, one needs to move on… One ought to be practical and accept the reality face on… loved the piece… 🙂


  12. This is a very difficult post for me to read through…But I made it.
    Really heart wrenching.

  13. This was the best story I ever heard!

    So crisply narrated. I could vividly visualise the minutest details. Hats off to your creativity!

    Rhea has taken a good decision by letting go. It hard but to move on eith life is the wisest step to take.

  14. Did I enjoy it?? It was like wow! Touching!

  15. True and amazing writing!

  16. Very touching…liked the way you end it…”the first step is to let go”!! 🙂

  17. I should say this is another touching story. I know I am little late to praise it, but even in that case, I should say it was one of the best…

    According to me the first step to let go is the most difficult one for any one:)….

  18. loved the story…could relate to it…keep it coming

  19. Yet another beautifully moving depiction of a life segment… You sure are gifted… Keep them coming… Hav bookmarked ur page…!

    P.S.: Thanks a ton for those wonderful comments. Ya there were few more things to that letter, i consciously avoided. Glad you liked it. Keep visiting!

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