ups and downs..


Today I learn’t a very valueable lesson…..

Sometimes God seems to push us to our limits. He tests us beyond our endurance, this is because he has greater faith in us than we have in ourselves. Don’t try to question God for your sufferings and anguish, because  do you  ever question him for the reason of your happiness and fortune?

Each pearl is formed by an oyster’s internal response to a wound cause by an irritant, such as the grain of sand. The final result is a lustrous pearl. ….Something beautiful is created that would have been impossible without the wound.

So if you’re in pain…remember, no wounds no pearl. “Adversities are often blessings in disguise.”

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  1. i have nothing more to say than this Nayana, that you echo my words right now. I can relate this stuff to the situations at my work place where the patience and endurance crossed my limits, but i m just hanging in and trying to immune myself….

  2. so true….
    we never question god for the happiness that he gives us…

    I wonder how many times we really mean it when we say “thank god”…

  3. Oh yeah…you are absolutely right!!! 🙂
    The best days of my life have been when I have faced pain and started to overcome it…even love it, and miss it when its no more!
    God – should not be questioning him! at all!

  4. No pain no gain indeed, in this case the wound and pearl… Nice! Surely everyone can relate to this. We aren’t going to get anything unless we work for it!

  5. Good, but you have to take care of the typographical errors in spelling and grammar. Happy blogging!

  6. “Adversities are often blessings in disguise.”

    you said it.

  7. nice post n d comments r like icing on the cake! certain lessons r hard to learn but once learnt, makes life look so simple 🙂 thanks for sharing…

  8. Lovely pic… 😀

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