have you ever wondered??


Have you ever wondered?

How the house is always spick and span

Inviting, warm and cosy

How does it happen and when??


Have you ever wondered?

The dirty dishes you left in a rush

When running late to catch the school bus

Disappears in a jiffy without a fuss???


Have you ever wondered?

When you bring extra friends to the door

Suddenly the already cooked dinner

Magically stretches to feed another four??


Have you ever wondered?

The dirty washing crumpled in a heap

Appears clean, washed and ironed

As if it’s done a miraculous leap??


Have you ever wondered??

You are studying late at night

When the dreaded exams are looming

Some is silently lying awake worrying and sharing your plight??


Have you ever wondered?

To drop you on time

She weaves through the rush hour traffic

Abandoning more important jobs she has in line??


Have you wondered??

When you are sad and dejected

And the world is your enemy

Who boosts your confidence and stops you feeling rejected??


Have you ever wondered?

Who wipes away the tear?

When you wake from a nightmare

Trembling with fear??


Have you wondered who this is??

Is she a fairy, a precious gift from the lord?

Is she a guardian angel in disguise

Or a cherished gift from the god??


She is truly a priceless gift from heaven

Selfless, considerate and kind

She is no other but a very special MOTHER

The finest you will ever find…


~~o~~ Happy Mothers day….~~o~~





In the UK mothersday is celebrated today 22nd March




Also do check this post on “maa”


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  1. Happy Mother’s Day 2 u 2 Nayna! love this song from TZP

  2. lovely write up n lovely song. happy mother’s day!

  3. A Very Happy Mother’s day to you too dear !! A wonderful blog in dedication to all others..


  4. lovely dedication !!!

  5. Sweet poem, Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

  6. wow! nice one.
    Am I surprised..naa.. 🙂

  7. Happy (belated) Mothers Day madam-ji! 🙂

  8. Lovely Poem

  9. lovely post…a nice dedication…

    mothers are God’s representatives on earth…anything said for them is less…coz the always deserve the stars…

    keep writing…

  10. wow..wonderful post..
    a beautiful dedication to the priceless gift we all hav evr rcvd..
    happy belated mothers day..

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