tagged for the 1st time….


Tagged for the 1st time by sree>>check this out:

Ok as I have never been tagged before , I am unsure as to what exactly I am supposed to write, but as Sree says on his post ,I need to write 25 things about my self!!! and then pass the tag to someone else.

Ummm <<< head scratching where to start Ok ……only 25 Sree??   😉   Once I start there will be no stopping. But I guess in fear as not to bore all my regular visitors , I will stick to the brief. So here goes:

1.What am I wearing? -jeans , white T shirt and a pale blue fleece.

2. From the above you may have guessed my fav colour is blue in fact any shades of blue.

3.What have I just eaten?-toasted cheese and tomato sandwich and a soya yoghurt  and water.

4.What am I thinking right now?-what to write for the next 21 points lolz heehee!!  😀

5. My fav music at the moment-all yuvraaj tracks,rab ne banadi jodi and Jason Mraz.

6.Last bollywood movie I saw  at the cinema was Rab ne banadi jodi.<<yeh and I loved it well I would because I am a die hard SRK fan.

7.The most satisfying thing I did this week?-Had a lovely afternoon baking cakes with my daughter.

8.The most romantic thing I did this week?-had a lovely candle lit dinner with hubby just the two of us at my fav chinese restaurant.

9.The worst thing I did this week??-This is bad but I did it.  I screamed at my hubby for mopping the kitchen floor with my best white bathroom towel!!!

10.My favorite drink?-India masala tea ,those who don’t know what it is  check this post and be inspired:  http://simplysensationalfood.blogspot.com/2008/12/masala-chai-tea.html

11.My favorite time of the day- early mornig when the dew is fresh and there is silence everywhere, just listening to the birds chirpping.

12.I am an avid reader , can read anything except horror and politics  .Currently doing some light reading  a book called “Growing pains of a hapless house husband”  by Sam Holden .Its so funny .

13.My dream car a convertible black BMW ,but sadly thats is  still a dream and so making do with a VW POLO.

14. My favorite dessert is lemon meringue pie with vanilla ice cream.

15.I swim , play tennis  do yoga and go the the gym…. well got to somehow try and shed those extra pounds that keep piling on!!lolz!!  😛

16.I love travelling  ,been all over Europe, some parts of Asia and India twice, would love to visit India again.

17.I hate cold weather, love summers and beach holidays ,sun sea and sand any day.

18.I am a early morning person, but late nights  are a NO NO!! 11.00 pm and my bed starts to beckon me!! ….Well angels need their beauty sleep, how else can they be angels????   😉

19. I have two left feet cannot dance to save my skin, 😳 ….Unfortunately my right leg never can follow what the left leg is doing!!! Sad I would have loved to be a prima donna ….may be in the next life!!!

20.Most people who know me think I am organised  I dont know why???   😕

21.I love creative writing ,started blogging couple of years back. I have three blogs  to my name two personal and one dedicated to cookery.Why cookery you may ask?? Its one of my passions!!…I bet you are thinking can she cook???

22.How am I feeling right now??Releived that I am almost done with this tag but sad because I have been watching the update on Jade Goody -you know the woman who made big TV news with Shilpa Shetty in Uk’s big brother.She is dying and its soooo bad.

23.My first love was my next door neighbours son we were both four and inseparable!!!

24.Languages I speak fluent English and gujarati a few words in Hindi courtesey of star plus  and  few words in french  and german from school days.

25.Finally sigh of releif, I am wonderering should I congratualte my self or you the reader for arriving here????This is the final fact about me  now where shall I start I havnt even begun yet .To know me you will need more than 25 pointers!! So watch out for my biography one of these days !!!lolz!!! 😛

O k I think I am  done, I have enjoyed doing this tag and hopefully can pass it on to some one else. Again scratching my head I am thinking who ?? A thought popped into my head, why not the regular blogger friends who most visit my blog .So I would like to pass this tag to :

Sorcy the person with the most humorous blog.


Prats the poetry queen


and Sam the most romantic blogger to date.


Of course anyone else who wishes can also participate. Please do come and post your link here if you do so.

I hope you guys will rise to the challenge as I have done.Thanks Sree once again for tagging me I hope I have not dissapointed you with my incessant ramblings!!!

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  1. WOW!!! I got tagged

    wow! today I saw a lion tag a zebra.on animal planet..was reall fun!

  2. Nice. But you could have made it a bit more humorous.
    P.S. I thought you were real young and all…the name is so fanciful, young girl type…but turns out you’re married and have a daughter!

  3. Haha…the PS in the above comment said it all…!! Wonderfully done Ms. Angel!! 😀
    I loved the casual attitute at #4…#14 sounds yummy! Do you have recipe for that??
    And I thought you recently moved to UK!! Man…my perceptions and me!! 😀
    Thanks for completing the tag…waiting for the autobiography!! 😉

  4. @sorcy thanks for rising to the challenge and taking the bite I loved your answers.<< but didnt you copy some of mine???

  5. @aparatija thanks for the comments but dont you think you are stereotyping??Why does being married and having adaughter prevent some one from having angel in their name?? Angels are “farishtas” young, old, dark,fair, small or tall they are there to spread good cheer.

  6. @ sree nope never lived in India, but visited twice.Thanks for the tag wasn;t really sure what I was supposed to write as there were no set defined question given. Hopefully I didnt dissapoint you.

  7. hey that was fun… 😉

    wil try out the masala tea soon 🙂

  8. Pretty nice, Good thoughts

  9. Cute, interesting post
    Seems like a child is writing 🙂

  10. Whats wrong with a VW Polo anyways? 😛 You’re saving the earth with shattering mileage! 😀

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