My sunday….


Sunday a day of rest and relaxation. The most awaited lie in, breakfast in bed , reading sunday papers  and simply a day for spending time with family and lazing around.Today was no different, had a pyjama morning lounging around reading listening to music and relaxing.

Later cooked a leisurely lunch of masala dosa and afternoon spent time with my daughter baking cakes. Giggling and singing stirring and sifting, it was a glorious sight in the kitchen, floured hands and floured face we were having so much fun, not forgetting the ritual of licking the bowl at the end.The results were not eyecatching but certainly tasted delicious and were made with so much love….

For those of you who are inspired by this check this  site for the results and the recipe.

The kitchen cleaned and tidied it was time for some total relaxation, snuggled on the sofa with my favorite book this is what I call heaven.

Days like these are bliss but always end so quickly. Evening dinner and the week planned ahead ,my blissful sunday is almost over.All I can wish for is wouldn’t it be lovely if we had many more sundays in the week…..

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  1. Very nice one, was smiling throughout the article 😉

    [ ]

  2. Many more Sunday,wouldn’t then it take away the joy of Sundays.

    May you have a lifetime of such once in a week Sundays..

    TC keep writing…

  3. Hmmm…
    ya when u get so much of one thing…most of the charm is lost 🙂
    stay happy…n hv funfilled sundays ever 🙂
    happy blogging 🙂

  4. nice to read this 🙂

  5. Aapke ghar waale sach mein bade lucky hain, unko badi achhi achhi dishes ghar par hi mil jaati hain. 😀

  6. how abt 7 Sundays in a week 😉

  7. Happy Sunday 😀 Didn’t know you had a daughter … 🙂 So cute … Cant just imagine u guys tinkering in the kitchen … 😀

    Keep having fun like this eveyr day


  8. Nice one. Feel-good.
    How old is your daughter, by the way?

  9. awww.. i too luv sundays!!! 😀

  10. well..we need atleast 7 sundays a week.

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