People enter our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime.When we figure out which it is, you know exactly what to do……………………..bw3456

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our first love could be our one and only love, forever and ever………………………..??But is life that simple?????

Well , surely you know by now that life is not like that. People come and go in and out of our lives, taking a little piece of our heart with them. As difficult or painful as it may be, that is something we have to accept and let go when the time comes…………….You may think but why?????

The reason being that we have more than enough love to share and spare, and we should give it freely……………. Love is one thing that can neither be bought or sold , it can never be cagged. It can never run out and the more you share, the stores will always replenish and never diminish.

When we love for a reason it feels good to give love, because we get what we give in return…..

When we have seasonal love, it is a whirlwind love, preparing us for something better, so that when those very special people come into our lives to stay , we can recognise them and  love them forever.

Loving is not what causes our emotional damages,it is the attempt to throw people out of our hearts and minds.When we accept love unconditionally ,we will undoubtedly enjoy a lifetime of loving.

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  1. One is loved because…. yeah.theres no because..
    One is loved becuase he/she is loved.

    hmm…loved the post

  2. so true…!!

    lovely write up 🙂

  3. Beautiful post !!

    Loved your reason for seasonal love. Love is true love when what you give is appreciated, if not returned equally.


  4. hey vadiya likha he and 🙂

  5. love is abstract, emotions are tangible

  6. hey have u got to see this kannada movie by name “my autograph” it has a tamil version too…

    we live a good number of yrs in the delusion that first love never ends and then comes second (goes – leaving hurt ) then third and so on….till the last partner for life arrives, and probably by then we are so experienced that (leftover) life has to go on peacefully with bliss.

  7. Sahi hey..
    Love is complicated…

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