Old endings and new beginnings…



Old endings and new beginnings..


Old endings and new beginnings,

A year older , a year wiser!!!


12.01 am: My day full of surprises began at midnight. A sudden bleep and the arrival of a sms text message from my best friend in India!! Under normal circumstances I would have moaned at such intrusion whilst in dreamland but today was an exception!!! After reading the message  bleary eyed and full of joy I enjoyed more wishes from my nearest and dearest ie my hubby and toddled back to dream land. Come on even angels need to recharge their batteries and get their beauty sleep!!.

6.30 am I was awoken with a kiss and a steaming cup of my favourite masala tea and a chorus of birthday song.


6.40 Still bleary eyed I was surrounded with gifts of all shapes and sizes, ballons and even cake. I  spent the next half hour opening all the cards and pressies.


7.10 Time to get up and shower before the school run but more surprises were in store, hubby announced that it was my day off no chores so he had taken day off from work and I was to be lady of leisure for the entire day!! Wow this is wonderful I can get used to this.


7.15 Snuggled back to bed to get my lovely lie in!!!


8.30 Was woken up with another phone call my sister this time, more wishes!!


9.00 Showered and dressed the day was my own to spend with hubby.


10.00 Door bell rang more surprises as the interflora man delivered the most awesome bouquet of flowers from hubby!!


10.00-12.00. More phone calls and wishes and relaxing.


12.00 My sister came laden with lunch and presents and we enjoyed a lovely lunch.


1.30 Afternoon free to spend with hubby.


4.00 School run and family time.


5-7.00 Spent time with friends on net on a live pod cast and checking scraps, emails and messages.

OMG check this out:


sooooo love ly thanks prats!!!


8.30 Going out to dinner.


It’s been the most wonderful day so far, many thanks to all my friends and family for making this day so very special. On a closing note I would like to say…..


A single candle can illuminate an entire room. True friends light up an entire lifetime. Thanks for the bright lights of your friendship.



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  1. wow! ‘m so glad to know how special your birthday went!

  2. ooops…I am late…..
    Wish a very happy belated birthday…..
    God bless u….
    U had a gr8 time…hope it continues…. 🙂

  3. anytime dear !! BTW, the link isnt proper ..

  4. @prats corrected the link!!:)

  5. Hey!! Belated Birthday Wishes.!
    May the Heavens Bless you 🙂

  6. To matlab aapka special din ekdam perfect tha, it could not have been better. 🙂

  7. Happy Belated Budday!! 😀
    Poora saal perfect ho…Amen! 🙂

  8. Hi,

    So glad you had a beautiful day and wish you Many more such days of happiness ….

    Love your blogs as always, keep rocking dear !!!

    Wish you a VERY VERY VERY Happy Birthday 🙂


  9. What a beautiful and full of surprises… Your Birthday…Wish yoy many more birthdays like this.. which brings you new surprises and makes you happy forever ever…
    Keep smiling and long live 🙂

  10. Belated Happy Bdy!!
    God Bless u….


  11. so nice of u to put up the hour-by-hour of ur b’day….hope all ur days are as good as this one.

  12. cute post!!

  13. aww cute

  14. hey N, wishin u a very very…very happy bday friend 🙂 got late. Forgive me. Office just got me bz. but no excuses. now cake for me and drinks 🙂


    God bless u with umpteen happiness and sweet things of life to u n ur mate 🙂

  15. well…. a special birthday indeed 🙂
    u will cherish it for long no doubt
    hv fun 🙂

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