Funny Bone.


Today at work I was going about my business as normal , when a colleague asked me to pass a document to them, as I stretched my arm to pass the document I banged my elbow on the top corner of my Pc screen.

The pain that it created was so excruciating it actually brought tears to my eyes. Who the hell in their right mind called that bone in the elbow the “funny bone” It was far from funny, the tingling ,the  pins and needles and the shock in my elbow was unbelievable. Not forgetting to mention of course the massive black and blue bruise on my right elbow.

Well one would expect some sympathy in this case, but far from it all I got was “you banged your funny bone why aren’t you laughing!!!”

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  1. damn the funny bone friend. u take care. and dont expect sympathy…its no use. ppl make fun!!

    just take care of urself and damn ppl!!

  2. funny bone ain’t funny

  3. LOlzzz… I can truly relate !! Hurts like hell yaar …

    And as far as people are concerned , more are just Happy to see u in pain, be it any kind !! Sad truth of life …


  4. awww… sad .. and can i laugh now 😉

  5. hmm, once, my brother accidentally threw a small steel bowl on my funny bone, and i got pain experienced never before, excruciating it was. i can understand, it aint funny, it was terrible !

  6. Thats for others to laugh…as they say, its never easy to laugh on oneself!! hope its ok now! 🙂

  7. Well the reason it was named funny bone is bcoz of the expression that ppl had on their face after they get hit over there…..that surprised as well as painful expression… 😛

    So u would have entertained ppl in yr office as well as ppl over her…

    hope u feeling good now(yr hand as well)….!!! 🙂

  8. ouch! tht hurts!!!
    but thts strange….I never knew tht bone was the funny bone…how dumb of me 😦

  9. hmmm…i guess u hit ur ulnar nerve….it’d send some shocking waves and subside with time… wonder how the bruise appeared..

    (actually…sorry but cant stop smilin while i write this 😛 )

    hey and even i didnt know it was called the funny bone..

  10. hmmm it happens sometimes .. it feels like the current going through the body .. :):)

    ~~~Golden Vulture ~~~

  11. God created funny bones for cynics.

    I once got hit on the funny bone while playing cricket..

    my friend reaction was soo funny..

    THey wished they had mobile cams.

    I could have gotten my you tube way of fame!

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