old wives tales???


Horoscopes, predictions, tarot cards, I don’t believe in any of that hocus pocus stuff. I am very sceptical of all these things and I am sure when people read their horoscopes they just try and fit a coincidental situation to it and convince them selves that the prediction is true!!


The other thing I find very amusing are the old wives tales that my mother always used to believe in .Superstitions such as never let milk boil over or don’t pass the salt to another persons hand or else it will bring bad luck .Beliefs such as a black cat crossing your path will bring bad luck. Now come on, the poor cat, how can it help being black in colour and how can colour bring bad luck???


But strange as it may seem and I am totally in beleif that there is no element of truth in these old wives tales.But why  then did I spend the entire day worrying something untoward was going to happen today as at breakfast I had accidentally let the milk boil over!!!


I guess the only explanation is that my mother had unintentionally planted that seed of doubt in my mind.


How and where did all these old wives tales begin?? Does any one have any answers? Is there any truth in these beliefs???

I have vowed never to scaremonger these to my family as I myself don’t under the implications of them.


“The beginning of wisdom is found in doubting; by doubting we come to the question, and by seeking we may come upon the truth.”



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  1. interesting !!

  2. Old wives tales will exist for the years to come as long as we live and pass down the legacy. It is human psyche which takes a thrill in knowing the unknown and indulging in anything that is preternatural.

  3. Hi thr, m comin acrosd ur blog for the first tym. It is very simple n attractive.

    cmin to ur writin…i dnt belv in superstious belvs.jus the other day on my way to the beach a black cat did cross the car in which i was travelin…although i dnt blv n such things me n my frnd did giv a reaction of omg. guess its jus due to the fact that its registrd in our minds to respond this way.


  4. Horoscope is always confusing, i dont know to believe it or not. its ridiculous i know but few drastic experinces make me sound otherwise!!

  5. old wives tales or GOSSIP

  6. Nice to see your fonts & size working fyn in
    your blog 🙂
    Well horoscopes aren’t correct, they are just predictions which some time come true.

    An ‘old wives tale’ is a type of urban legend, similar to a proverb, which is generally passed down by old wives to a younger generation.
    Such ‘tales’ usually consist of superstition, folklore or unverified claims with exaggerated and/or untrue details.
    Most old wives’ tales are false but few of them are true.
    They are used to discourage unwanted behavior, usually in children.

    ~ http://www.kunalsachdeva.wordpress.com

  7. Old Wives Tales and Superstitions !! A dire consequence of years of ignorance and following the same blindly…

    Truly sad. Unfortunately, if one experiences even once the truth in an old wives tale, it stays with you forever. And then it gets passed on.

    Here’s hoping to more of eradication of these blind faiths.


  8. lol this reminds me of the times when i used to be the first one to pass by when a black cat crosses our way & feel proud about doing so hehe

  9. Hmm…I believe in one thing…that it must be dooms day for the cats (whichever color) if i cross their path…worse if i smile at them!! 😉

    That underlined one-liner was ultimate!! 😀 We create doubts in others mind, to escape from something we cannot handle.
    For instance…in the medieval ages, SALT was used to barter like the currency of today…so at some point in time, someone would have planted a doubt saying passing salt from one hand to another could bring in bad luck…and so the superstition! 😉 I’m just cooking this up, but it could be a speculated possibility!! 😀

  10. well said ! wisdom is the enlightenment! the last line of the blog has taken all my attention.

    I firmly believe this, that sometimes ignorance is a bliss. When we say this, we actually mean, removing the doubts from the mind and executing the tasks at hand without apprehensions that some superstitious happening is going to destroy the efforts, cos of our ignorance of presence of a stupid superstitious belief pelted down as a legacy of our common over conscious ancestors.

    I always forget to take important things while going to any errand, so i return back to home and take those things. its said, doing so harms ur luck. i say someone cooked it up so that the people at home are not bothered by opening the door again and again. secondly, u r vigilant enough to take all ur stuffs at the first place to avoid time wastage.
    but this tale, causes apprehensions sometimes, when a terrible air of tension is already hovering over, at this time i think, ignorance is a bliss, this is the essence of the good old wives tales!

  11. I am not superstitious….but still i am a bit careful whenever a cat crosses my path….:P
    Though i never blame it for whatever goes wrong with my work…
    I think the cat tried to warn me that i have to be careful… 😀
    now we all know certain animals can sense an earthquake or some catastrophe that’s coming… :O
    So maybe that cat sensed that and tried to help me.

    So what i feel is that our ancestors created stories abt some day to day things so that we are a bit careful with or work..but as time passed away ppl who failed blamed it on the cats and salts… 😀

  12. hmmm….for a change…been brought up in the environment i am… i started believing in all this tales after 13, 🙂 i guess u’d be wondering how…

    the first time a black cat crossed..my bro who drives really well, apparently made it to the ditch down the road…ended with 4 stiches on my chin

    second time it crossed…stumbled at our front door and got 2 stitches on my knee..

    third time the villagers believe in a certain bird which chirps in the night and its a signal for robbery…and it happened in our farm house…dog lost its ear in the battle…one dog died..

    loads more…tired of typin here..will tell sometime..

    so it was surely more than co-incidence…

  13. nice way to put up.. i wonder how varied can the perspective to c a problem can me.. in a way we both have written the same thing but still there is so much difference.. am loving the blogger world!

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