In the dog house!!


All housework done and everything spot less and tidy, I was just about to sit down with a well earned cup of tea when the phone rang. It was my neighbour informing me that she is going on a vacation and could I keep an eye on her house.

“Of course” I replied “No problem, I will go and collect your post, draw and shut your curtains daily and even switch on the occasional light and radios to make the place look occupied to deter any burglars I agreed. “Also If you leave me a list of basic essentials I will pick them up when I do my shop so that your fridge is stocked up on the day of your return.” I offered. Now don’t you think that’s well above and beyond a neighbour’s duty?? I think it is.

But then she hinted you know we will have to find somewhere for  “Barfi” …ummm  Barfi being their pet cat. Alarm bells started to trigger off in my head. But acting naïve I said   “Oh I see, I guess you will have to place her in a cattery whilst you are away. “Any way have a great holiday and don’t worry about the house .” I said putting the phone down.


Now I am no animal hater nor would I harm any living creature, but no matter how cute or lovable they are or look I prefer them at a distance. Under no circumstances would I ever have a pet in my home. For one I am a cleanliness freak the thought of animal hairs and saliva and excretions in the home would freak me out. So not feeling in the least guilty I sat down to enjoy my cup of tea, unknowing that my daughter had heard all the conversation. She dived into the room much to my annoyance as this was my time for relaxation and tried to convince me that she would love to cat sit the cat. I refused point blank but she kept pestering me, tried to persuade me cajole me, bribe me (amazing what a kid can do when they want something real bad) When all failed she started on the emotional black mail and the deprived child theory. But none of this was going to work “NO cat I said, it’s not open to negotiation!!” She sulked and I guess I  was in the dog house!!!


Now kids can be crafty and when she realised she was not getting anywhere with me she tried to get her dad on her side. She batted her eyelashes, acted the innocent angel and tried to wrap him around her little finger.” The poor cat will be so sad, when they have to send her away, she will miss her home and family cant we please have her here??”


This is when it was time for action, I called a breakfast meeting. (Having already pre warned my hubby of my plan.) I have a solution to the cat problem. I informed my daughter knowing too well that she would never agree to this. (She being a  creature of habit who loves her home comforts would  begrudgingly give them up )“Why don’t you and daddy house sit the cat I offered, this way you both can enjoy the cats company and the “poor” cat as you so lovingly put it, can stay at home where it is so accustomed to. I will even help you guys pack for the two weeks and you know although I will miss you really badly. I think you should both go and look after the cat.” I was thinking two weeks, the house to my self wonder ful!!!lolz

There was silence at the breakfast table, not another persuasive word was uttered, I think my plan is going to be a success. The ball is in their court but I think I will win match, set and game!!!!! 😀 😉

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  1. How can you not keep such a cute looking cat in your house? 😛 Nirdayi! lol!

  2. Ha.. ha.. that was smart I must say!! U know what… I kinda was in the situation of ur daughter when I was in school. I picked up a damn cute little puppy from the school and got it home and my mom was shocked to see it on my bed when she came back from her office!! well I guess I understood how she felt that time, after reading your blog but at that time my mom sounded like the most ‘cruel and heartless’ person on the earth who didnt like that cute little puppy sleeping comfortably on my cute little (“tidy”) bed! 🙂

  3. . But none of this was going to work “NO cat I said, it’s not open to negotiation!!” She sulked and I guess I was in the dog house!!!


    I loved that line.

    Khi khi khi khi khi

    (evil laugh)

  4. hahaha u know how 2 win 😀
    n i find another similarity here I don’t hate animals/pets but would like to keep a distance

  5. ha ha !! a perfect smart mom you are !! i have lost count of ways my mom makes her agree to things without even making us aware of it !!! LOLzzz .. too good 🙂

  6. Haha…That was an ace!! 😉
    Since am reading late, what happened in the last 2 weeks?

  7. wow good idea…..!!!!
    I hope u won the match…
    Did yr daughter come up with a new strategy to have the best of both worlds???

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