the thaw…



Temperatures have slightly increased from the sub zero to +5 and the winter sun has started to peep through the snow clouds. What was once a soft fluffy white carpet of snow has now turned into a black wet slush and the roads are coved in black ice that is slippery and treacherous. For those who are unaware black ice is when snow melts and freezes to form a thin sheet of ice. Britain is experiencing “the thaw”.

I returned home from work and after preparing the evening meal went to pick my hubby from the station. As I stepped out of the front door I got that uncanny feeling that I had left something still cooking on the cooker. I reopened the front door and went back into the kitchen to check before stepping out of the door again. To my horror that uncanny feeling returned and this time I had left my bunch of keys next to the cooker. The car locked, the front door securely banged shut I was in sheer dilemma. What to do?? I was well and truly locked out of car and the house. I guess the only consolation was that I had my coat and gloves on otherwise I was going to catch pneumonia in the chilling cold.

Luckily I had my cell phone so was able to call my hubby that I was unable to pick him up from the station and that I had locked myself out. Next I tried both my neighbours, but luck was definitely not on my side, no one was at home .Only thing to do now is to run on the spot to keep warm and wait for my hubby to arrive home. When you are cold and worried each minute feels like an hour and the 25 minutes I had to wait outside the house felt more like 25 hours. It was getting darker and I am sure the temperature was dropping drastically by the second. I was totally frozen and shivering by the time my hubby arrived luckily he had his key.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring, the weather reports are fore casting more snow!!


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  1. Awww… I hope you got a huge hug and a big cup of warm coffee when you got back home!

    It is getting pretty cold but never that bad! Please be extra careful next time!

  2. Awww…Read in newspapers that…you people are Enjoyin snowyng there..
    Gee..I thought about yer blog when I read it in newspaper.

    what ya planning to do ..Snow man or snow balls?

  3. Hey i love snowy weathers 🙂

  4. Hehe, that was funny. 😀

    I too have experienced such “badlucks”, once I forgot my wallet at home, my ID card was in it and somehow I managed to convince the security person that I work here and have forgotten my wallet at home. Then I borrowed some money from colleague and while returing home prayed that no traffic policeman stops me (as my driving licence and other docs were in the wallet).

    Twice I left my motorbike’s key in the ignition. And few hours later when I reached near it I frantically began searching for key and to my horror (and pleasure lol) I saw it in the ignition.

  5. Oh yes…heard about the sudden snow from my friends there…since it was first time for them, they seemed to enjoy! 🙂

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