Snow Blizzard…


Sunday afternoon, we drove into London as we had theatre tickets for an evening show. We had a lovely late lunch, did a little bit of sight seeing and then went to the theatre. The weather was getting colder with the occasional snow flurry but we were totally unaware to the weather we faced when we left the theatre at about 11.15pm.We were greeted with 6 inches of snow  and sub  zero freezing  temperatures .It was snowing heavily and London was shrouded in a blanket of white snow, glistening in the winter moon light. It was bizarre that whilst we were enjoying the programme we were totally unaware of the blizzard conditions that had developed out side.

 Wrapping up well we managed to plough through the snow and get to our car which in it self was difficult to find as all the cars in the street were now covered from top to bottom in snow. After digging around for the number plate we recovered our car, painstakingly cleared the freezing snow from it and made our journey home. Frozen, wet and totally exhausted we arrived safely home after a gruelling hour and a half. I must add on a positive note that London looks simply divine covered in snow and the walk from the theatre to the car was very romantic and fun although chilling.

The next morning we awoke to more heavy snow and very severe weather conditions. Traffic reports announced that all trains and buses were not running due to hazardous weather conditions so my partner who travels into London on the train was lucky he couldn’t get into work and stayed at home. However I had no choice but to brave the road conditions and drive to work.

A journey that normally takes me 15-20 minutes took an hour and 40 mins, traffic was crawling as snow as a snail. The residential roads were covered in ice and snow causing cars to skid left right and centre. Horrendous conditions with low visibility made the journey very treacherous and risky. But with sheer will power I made it to work. Of the 12 members of staff only 3 of us had managed to get to work. What an achievement.

The return journey home was equally gruesome and god knows how tomorrow will fare. Weather reports are already forecasting more snow!! The month of February has certainly started with a big freeze.

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  1. Kudos for you to still make to work !!

  2. should install the ‘zero visiblity drive by system’ in your car.
    actually they make them for aeroplanes..but
    yeah this is a good idea!

  3. i hope it rains in delhi too 🙂

  4. ohh sorry .. snows in delhi :):)

  5. hey i love snow and have been victim of such a blizzard 🙂

    last yr when coming back from US to India, it snowed hugely 7 inches and my BA flight got cancelled 🙂

    i luv snow!!

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