Occasionally we do things or say things that are done in the heat of the moment.

 Often our loved ones, friends or colleagues say or do something to hurt us also.

Sometimes these words hurt and we take them to heart so ……

Always put yourself in other’s shoes.
If you feel that it hurts you,

it probably does hurt the person too.
A careless word may kindle a strife;
A cruel word may wreck a life
A timely word may level stress
A lovely word may heal and bless.

Published in: on January 28, 2009 at 5:50 pm  Comments (5)  

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  1. Bingo angie 🙂

    we dont think abt others feelings when we r in haste 🙂

    u put things in simple way 🙂

  2. Nice thought…I agree! 🙂

  3. nice and simple.
    you said it.

  4. simple sweet n very straight……really nice post…straight frm the heart…

    keep it up dear…

    cheers !!!

    love n regards,,,

  5. such things happen, lot of times ppl judge too early or speak things that isn’t what we expect.

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