Angels-Robbie Williams

Today I am not in the mood to update this blog, so posting one of my favorite songs here instead.


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  1. Robbie Williams has a wonderful voice…There’s this song of his called “Better Man”..wonder if uve ever listened to it…


  2. and hey, thanx for blogrolling gal 🙂 ill blogroll u too 🙂

  3. yes chris, I have listened to it its good tune too.

  4. robbie williams feel is a gr8 song

  5. Nice song. I don’t follow english music scene but have listened 2-3 songs of RW before. I like this one (used to play on radio in morning hours)..just found and read lyrics (never “understood” its lyrics in all those years).. 😀

    PS. Just saw Chris mentioned this song in his post.

  6. comment did not get registered grrr!

    Nice song. I must have heard 2-3 songs of RW till date (I don’t follow english music scene)..and I used to like this song. Though never “understood” lyrics in all those year but just searched and read lyrics. Haha! Its the same song that Chris mentioned in his first post.

  7. Robbie of my fav singers

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