RRMWOAPD- (road raged menopausal woman on a power drive…..)


We wake up to face the second day after the snow fall. The temperature outside is on sub zero with an icy chilling wind that pierces through your body leaving your body numb and shivering.

It’s the first day back at school after the Christmas holidays, the morning routine is chaotic, being the first day back at school after the break and its no surprise that tempers are fraying and we are all rushing around trying to get ready for work and school.

Finally all school bags packed, lunch boxes sealed we are ready to start our first leg of the journey the school drop off .Manoeuvring the car through the icy road it is no surprise that the council have decided today it self to start the road works, why oh why do they wait the whole of the school holidays to pass and then pick the very first day back to school to dig up the roads???? Is there some council leader there who hates children and parents and deliberately gets pleasure to trouble them in this way??? If only I knew.

My instincts told me it was going to be one of these trying journeys .I finally managed to crawl through the back log of traffic constantly watching the clock to monitor how late I was running. Thinking to my self how each few minutes will add on double delay time in the rush hour and I will be late for work.

As I turned into the road approaching the school lane, traffic was at a stand still, due to road works, the school traffic and icy roads. In extreme conditions and situations like this common road courtesy comes into play. Normal protocol is that a couple of cars pass through in one direction then give way for couple of cars from opposite direction to pass. Keeping this in mind I gave way to allow the driver from the opposite direction to pass .Waiting patiently for my turn and it was at this moment that I encountered the RRMWOAPD (road raged menopausal woman on a power drive) literally glued to my car bumper.

This type are of women are very typical at this time in the morning. In their four wheel drives they think they are the queen bees of the road, they have a vision that they own the road they travel on and have exclusive right of way on the roads and no other driver is more important.

 The RRMWOAPD was not happy that I had given way and immediately started to mouth obscenities to me whilst winding her car window down making some very un lady like and extremely very rude gestures to me. I chose to ignore her thinking to my self the poor woman must have got out of the bed from the wrong side .It was at this moment  and to my sheer horror she thought she should take action. Revving her engine she pulled out from behind me and as to overtake, not fully understanding the traffic situation ahead .

Boy oh boy was she in trouble now!!! Her car the size of a hippo’s backside (excuse the pun) skidded on the icy road and was now well and truly jammed between the school buses, the traffic ahead and the traffic behind her.

 The RRMWOAPD now grid locked in traffic was in a dire situation, her predicament was one I wouldn’t want to be in. So I sat there in my car as did other drivers seeing what her next plan of action was…..Inching backwards and forwards she was not going very far!!!

In this situation there was not much one could do but wait patiently for the commotion to sort it self.

It gives you time to observe how the different drivers react. Firstly there are the “non vocal” silent type who wait for the situations to diffuse but make it obvious that they are blatantly annoyed and irritated by the sighs and faces they pull whilst waiting. Then there are the “I am not brave” but will join forces with other drivers type, who are a few cars behind in the grid lock, so think they can join in the tooting of car horns and no one will notice they are partners in crime  for such noise pollution.  

Lastly but not least there is the MMIKBTYT (Macho Man I know better than you type.)This MMIKBTYT who just happens to be in the vicinity come out of his car and tries and offer assistance and advise to the RRMWOAPD. He starts to guide the estranged RRMWOAPD and after much coaxing and cajoling the hippo sized car with out success, gives up.  

The traffic situation commotion is getting out of hand and it’s now left to the rest of the drivers to sort out the sticky mess. So MMIKBTY beseechingly enlists help from the others drivers and suggests everyone in the traffic jam to reverse back to make room, some drivers are guided onto foot paths so the RRMWOAPD can finally move her car out of the way. The situation is finally solved, but I can’t see any remorse on the RRMWOAPD woman face. I guess she will never learn her lesson.

 Finally almost 30 minutes late for work I was very tempted to hurl abuse at the RRMWOAPD, but refrained as not to set a bad example to my daughter in the car. What an eventful start to the 1st day back at school!!


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  1. wow!
    That was funny!
    nice narration
    loved it comrade!

  2. ha ha…superb post yaar..even i happen to encounter such people on my way to college-the only difference,i ride a cycle!!!

  3. lolz….

    I have been in similar conditions….

    So u decided to be the ” non vocal” kind in this case…. :P…..

  4. hehe liked the acronyms u used

  5. Haha.. You wanted to set the standards for your daughter to follow. What if she picks of that woman’s abuses? Really funny and realistic.

  6. I am a motorbiker so I usually don’t face such situations as Indian motorbikes can be maneuvered through the traffic easily. Not to mention I am pretty good at skipping through the traffic. 😀

    But yes, I can imagine how hard it can be for 4 wheeler walas.

  7. The RRMWOAPD should try to drive here in India…say Bangalore!
    It would have been frustrating for you…first the traffic situation and above that the people reaction!
    Loved the acronyms! 🙂

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