Candles candles and more candles..


We all have things that give us immence  pleasure in life, It doesnt have to be an expensive thing ,neither does it have to be materialistic . That one thing for me is candles. I simply adore them in any size  and any colour. Some intricately carved in beautiful shapes and designs  so pleasing to the eye ,others just plain and  simple yet the aroma equally alluring. The incredible array of scents one can choose from means that that there is always a fragrance there to suit any of my moods be it romantic , nostalgic or just relaxing.

The wonderful scents they produce when lighted , the aroma and essence that fills the air is so wonderful  and tranquil that it cheers me up no matter what mood I am in. …..Jovial or tired, stressed or relaxed ,the golden glow from the candle produced by the flickering light  is  truely awesome. Watching the  single dancing flame , casting wondourous shadows against the polished glass table or just sitting on the window ledge is both soothing and bewitching.

Candles, calming  and bewitching ,my foremost remedy for de-stressing . I have candles in the lounge , glowing and producing a wonderful ambience of warmth and enticement .The spice aromatic candles burning in my kitchen producing  the most wonderful aromas of orange tang, vanilla  and  cinnamon spice reminding me of wonderful baking and family times.Candles galore in my bathroom ,providing total relaxation from a weary day at work, serenading me with the sweet smelling of lavender and cammomile. Of course not forgetting the jasmine and honeysuckle in the hall way…soo inviting  and filling your nostrils with spring freshness just are you enter the house.

So there were no surprise  or wild guesses  on Christmas day , when I opened my presents.To my joy  I found  11 new candles to replace the ones I have used. Some obviously are so beautiful that Iam reluctant to light them  but just enjoy having there on display  others I am eagerly awaiting to  appreciate. I can’t wait to to walk around the house and find a perfect place for them all, but sadly also having the difficult task of having to remove the  ones that have served their purpose…..


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  1. While reading your post buddy i was just imagining how it would be .. a home filled with candles .. aroma n all .. all so good 🙂

  2. “Candles, calming and bewitching”

    erm, HOW did you do the falling snowflakes effecT?

  3. Nice post…not only are the candles a pleasant feature, but also aromatic and divine!! 🙂

  4. I absolutely love lighting candles too… i love everything about the candle light

  5. 🙂 as a kid i used to love candles 🙂 (i still do)

    sweet post.

  6. Yes…..very true…
    there are some candles that are so good looking that we cant light them….

  7. Candles..yes!

    my first experiment as a kid was to light up a window curtain to see if it catches fire I mean.for me it at that time looked like thick plastic! was with a candle.
    wow! NOSTALGIC!

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