the dream….

…the only light in the music room was from the candle, its silent glow casting eerie shadows.Slowly Sara walked up to the piano, she heard footsteps, she turned around  but was motionless. She tried to scream, but no sound came out of her mouth, her knuckles white with fear, her face full of  terror. In the background  she could hear  music, it became louder and louder. An unusual sound, a sound of horror like nails scratching on a chalk board. It hurt her ears. Sara wanted it to stop. Suddenly she felt an eerie chill, her vocals opened and she let out a blood curdling scream of …pain. She heard laughing, not a fun laugh, not even an evil laugh, just a laugh of success and triumph.

Sara stared into the  ajacent mirror, her complexion  ghostly white ,her clothes wet with perspiration.Trembling like a leaf, she picked up the candlestick ,turned around and hurled it across the room. A mirror shattered into a thousand fragments.The laughter got louder and louder, Sara felt a tightness around her throat , she was trapped there was no escape    …………………………………………..

copyright @ Nayna Kanabar2008

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  1. Wow…I thought u just run away from such kind of dreams…and now..u r writing about such a sweet “:P” dreams:D

  2. quite scary!
    cheers! 🙂

  3. oh my god, guess what i am sitting alone in my room, rather at this ground floor, where not in any dream, but a day before y’day, in broad daylight, somehow mysteriously 2 glasses got outta box, and shattered on their own, keeping the box well in its place with lid close. mum, dad, bhai and ofcourse the weakest of all i, have been perplexed since then. and now that i have read it plus combining the fact that even i
    “was and am motionless. She tried to scream, but no sound came out of her mouth, her knuckles white with fear, her face full of terror”

  4. i cant say anymore…

  5. Where do u get these ideas from,huh? v nice, it did its job best for which it is posted.
    It scared me…

  6. Wow… scary !

  7. scary post for a change..
    that was unexpected..good one!

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