First Love….

I had written this story  awhile back and had posted it on my yahoo blog , So I thought to repost it here to share with my new friends….


Sitting under the almond blossom,Ashie thought calm, dependable, always available,always there in one word “boring” Is this how I want people to see me in life?

From as far back as I can remember this is the description I have lived with, am I that boring? Is being a perfectionist being dreary? Is being available at midnight to wipe your best friends tears dependable? Is studying to make your parents proud a sin, a crime, does this make me a sad case??……………….Then why is it that day in and day out, I feeling I am stereotyped with these characteristics. Why doesn’t the hottest guy in college give me a second look ? Why don’t I get asked to all the parties that happen at weekends? Why am I so predictable and dependable? Do people in this day and age not respect people that are responsible??

So it was when I was in one of these self pity moods that I heard a voice call “ Is this place reserved, or can anyone sit here?? “I didn’t bother to look up or answer but continued to stare into space my thoughts eating me. The stranger plonked himself on the bench, next to me invading the calmness and serenity of my thoughts. The breeze gentle kissed the almond blossom as the vibrant blossom danced and caressed each other on the branches.

Feeling a little annoyed at the invasion of my privacy, I ignored the stranger but much to my annoyance he started to rustle in his shoulder bag produced a half shrivelled ripped paper bag and offered it to me “would u like a sweet??”Not wanting to appear rude, I looked up at the stranger and to my surprise I stared straight into the most beautiful brown eyes I had ever laid my eyes on. A mop of tussled hair and sporting a lop sided pair of spectacles met my gaze. An out stretched hand offered me the bag, without thinking I took a sweet and popped it into my mouth. “Hi ,I am Rohit” he said smiling with his eyes, “I have been watching you for a while ,you were in the poetry class earlier right??? I am new in the college, felt a little lost and I thought you seemed approachable, I hope you don’t mind??”

Here goes Ashie thought to her self dependable, approachable even this stranger thinks that of me!!! “Oh sorry I am Ashie, pleased to meet you.” This is how Ashie and Rohit met,…………….Each day under the almond blossom they would laugh and chat and discuss the day’s events and everyday Rohit would bring a bag of shrivelled sweets to share. Ashie felt so comfortable in Rohit’s company, she could laugh and joke, They chatted about their studies, discussed their writings plans, the debates and in general the English degree she was doing became that much more fun and interesting. Rohit was full of inspiration, he never mocked or judged Ashie, his criticisms very genuine and the pair became inseparable. Where the time passed in Rohit’s company Ashie never knew .The whole semester passed and exams were fast approaching, Ashie and Rohit studied together, Rohit was calm and influencing while Ashie was methodical and the two together made good study notes.

It was during these moments Ashie realised something strange was happening to her. When Rohits hand would brush against Ashie or he looked at her, her heart started to race uncontrollably and skipped a beat. Ashie began to feel that her feelings towards Rohit has changed, she couldn’t understand what was happening to her.

She spent days and hours just longing to chat to him, she had never experienced these types of feelings before, and every awakening was a pleasure, each day a god’s gift. Ashie started to live for those hours and minutes she spent with Rohit.

Exams came and exams went Ashie had to go and visit her grand mother in another town; Rohit too was going to go home to his family to attend his sisters engagement. Ashie spent the week with her grandmother meeting cousins, catching up with all her family and the week went with out realising.

Ashie returned home all at once missing the fact that she hadn’t seen Rohit in a whole week, all her feelings and all the old thoughts engulfed her and she thought today I will meet Rohit and tell him how I feel. Rohit was returning the next day so Ashie had arranged to meet him under the usual meeting place the almond blossom tree.

Next day Ashie made an extra effort with her appearance, she brushed her hair a hundred times, just added a little dash of lipstick and sprayed herself with her favourite perfume. On the way she thought she would buy Rohit’s favourite sweets as a surprise for him. She arrived under the tree to see Rohit already waiting there for her. She felt almost shy at seeing him after a whole week, “Hi” he said “gosh what’s wrong with you” Rohit joked “you look beautiful!! “Ashie was taken back with this comment, Rohit had never before complimented her in this manner, and her heart began to race as she stretched her hand out to Rohit to present him with the sweets.

Rohit took one and popped one into his mouth “Thanks Ashie ,you remembered my favourites.” They sat down and both chatted for a while about their week away, Ashie blabbered about her trip , her cousins and grandma. Rohit about the engagement. It was than that Rohit said “You know Ashie I want to tell you something,” Ashie’s heart skipped a beat , her fingers became clammy . Her body shivered waiting in anticipation for Rohit’s words. Rohit looked at Ashie “I need your help, I am getting engaged next month.” Ashie was rooted to the spot, her whole body numb with shock, her mouth dry and her face pale and lifeless. “Hey you ok Ashie ? I am not that bad a catch you know” joked Rohit. “I met Maya, my child hood friend and after spending the whole week with each other, our parents think it would be good for us to get engaged now that our studies are almost over. What do you say Ashie you will help me won’t you?”

Words evaded Ashie’s mouth , no sound would penetrate her vocals, trying extremely hard to hold back the tears, Ashie replied “Of course I will help you, remember me dependable, predictable Ashie always there for her friends!!!………………and the breeze gentle kissed the almond blossom as the vibrant blossom danced and caressed each other on the branches…………first love shattered!!

Copyright ©2007 Nayna Kanabar

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  1. sad but true…. this actually happens atleast 1 in 3 college going crowd.. 🙂 yet we run amok…probably thats the way of life.. 🙂

  2. I guess I read already before in Yahoo blog.
    Sad story but as per sunay said, It happens frequently….Some people think that friends can’t be love and some thinks that friendship is the only way to get love…. whenever two different thoughts crash with each other, this things always happen at that time…

  3. Err Nayna you forgot to add one more para. Happy ending honi chahiye…


    Rohit suddenly burst into laughter. “I am extremely sorry Ashie for playing that terrible prank with you, I know you must be feeling horrible right now. Actually I wanted to express my feelings to you since quite a while..actually…err..actually main..” Suddenly Ashie’s cellphone rang, and the song she had set as her ringtone also began playing…”Do dil mil rahe hain, magar chupke chupke”. He looked into Ashie’s eyes, she was already looking towards him, they both smiled shyly, message had been exchanged between them without a word spoken. The world had stopped for them for few seconds and in the meanwhile the song kept playing…

    “Aise Bhole Bankar Hai Baithe
    Jaise Koi Baat Nahin
    Sab Kuchh Nazar Aa Raha Hai
    Din Hai Ye Raat Nahin
    Kya Hai Kuchh Bhi Nahin Hai Agar
    Honthon Pe Hai Khaamoshi Magar
    Baatein Kar Rahi Hain
    Baatein Kar Rahi Hain Nazar Chupke Chupke”

  4. wow Nayna.. nice story… 🙂

  5. Aww…I read it with a lot of hope…thinking it would have a happy ending, and would give hope to all “boring” people. U broke a lot of hearts with the way it ended.

    But probably that is what always happens 😦

    Is this autobiographical in some remote way? do respond to all ur commments 🙂

  6. Cheers

    do visit my blog when u have the time

  7. Hey,

    very nice story and nice blog.

    Please do visit me if you like it.

  8. Good one that…its so mysterious, this life…and love is one area, which we as humans fail to learn from mistakes… 🙂

  9. Very nicely done dear !! but so very sad no ?? Some people just don’t get their first loves, but usually something better is waiting for them later … 😀

  10. hey!! i missed lots of awesome posts..
    loved reading it..touching

    when you gonna update your blog?

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