Books, books and more books….

Two weeks of sheer relaxing is certainly a dream so to while away the time, I started reading some books.Generally I am an avid reader and enjoy reading anything and everthing I can lay my hands on but being on holiday my mood was obviously jolly and relaxed so I chose to start off with some light reading.

Some of the books I ploughed through are:

The glamourous double life of Isabel Bookbinder by Holly Mcqueen.-This book is so hilarious I was rocking with laughter.The book is about Isabel  who has a mundane job of measuring column inches at the Saturday Mercury Newspaper.But Isabel has set her heart  and dreams of  being a succesfull novelist.The story unfolds as Isabel who is totally hopeless but  funny, charming and totally accident prone  trys hard to activate her dream.The events and disastrous blunders she creates in the process are very comical and makes wonder reading.

Pandoras Box-by Giselle Green-According to legend when pandoras box is opened, it reveals dark secrets and terrible consequences.This book is highly charged and morally complex.As the story unfolds, the chapters skim on topics of 1st love, relationships, divorce, terminal illness, guilt and euthanasia.A very interesting book and  well worth a read.

Hidden by Cathy Glass-Again this book is more of a serious read, a poignant and shocking memoirs of a foster carers relationship with a young boy whose good behaviour and polite manners hid a deep and terrible past.

Dancing in the dark by Maureen Lee-A young girl Millie Cameron is asked to sort out her  deceased  great aunt Flo’s  belongings. The story spans over three generations .It unfolds secret relationships, illigemate siblings and much more.The startling discoveries  unveils dark family secrets  which lead to shocking conclusions pointing to Millie herself.

And mum makes three byLaurie Paige-Sam Frazier a rugged and forbidding man who loses his wife in childbirth ,left with a new born baby daughter to care for the story is about a paternal love, scandal and a marriage of convenience.

Silent Honour by Danielle Steel-Set in 1941 in a vivid background of war and change.”Hiroko” an 18 year old japenese girl who lives in  Koyoto, Japan is sent to  study and live  with her American born Japenese relatives  in  California. The story is about  how Hiroko  struggles to settle in. She is bound by strict Japenese traditions and cultures  and learns  to fend for her self in an alien country. The story unfolds when war is declared , Hirokos struggle to be accepted, being sent to war camp, then prison.Love, tragedy and hardship and a young womans struggle to survive.This is an amazing book and well worth  a read.

Daisy Dooley does divorce by Anna Paternak-Daisy Dooley realises on her honeymoon that she has made a mistake, the man she has married is the wrong choice.After trying hard at the marriage they finally get divorced. This book is funny, sad, and hilarious  in places and makes really light reading.  Daisy Dooleys life after divorce is portrayed in a humorous and touching manner showing that life is not as it seems .

The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri-This bookI have read before but its so good I felt like a reread.The story of Gogol born in an Indian family in suburban America.Its a novel that explores concepts of cultural identity, of rootlessness.A story of tradition, heritage  and family expectations. A very compelling read.

Well these are some of the books that I managed to read on holiday and on my return.Hope some of my blog visitors will want to go and read them too and post their views  here on what they thought  of them.

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  1. Well, you know I am not into reading books but I appreciate that you managed to read that many books during vacation. 😮

  2. ive heard about “Pandora’s box” and “the namesake”. i think there wqas a movie made on the novel too


  3. Great that you managed to read so many books in ur holidays.I have not read anything mentioned above but i might add them to my collection. Nice of you to give a brief narration of every book which makes readers like me easy to pick books next time i go to a store.

  4. wow!!! reading marathon..
    Even I love reading books.
    now reading a Sheldon Novel.Master of the game

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