The countdown begins…

The countdown has begun , nearly time for the summer vacation.So exciting but so much to do.Checklist to make, packing to do,  to clear out the fridge and vacum the house, change the bedsheets….Phew what a lot to do.Why cant I be like some of my friends? They throw  items  into their suitcases the night before they are going to fly.Why worry about the piles of dirty washing in the laundry basket or the laden fridge whose contents will have rotted upon their return.Their justification is why go on holiday stressed isnt it better to tackle these jobs when you return and are totally refreshed????…..No I would hate that , when I am away I want to return to a spotless house, fresh new smelling bedsheets and a squeaky clean fridge already stocked with my favorite goodies  courtesy of my guardian angel ie my sister!!!

Finally house  is in order, suitcases  packed and stowed away, passports and tickets checked and double checked. Set the alarm and finally  time for bed .But I toss and return and have nightmares about missing my flight and losing air tickets.Finally when I eventually drop off to sleep I am woken by the shrill ring of my alarm clock, I glance at the clock its 2 am, wish I could snooze  and then realise I have a plane to catch.So like a zombie  I begrudingly pull my self out of bed shower and dress.My angels are super excited at being woken at this early un- godly hour and will not stop chattering, they say its more exciting when you go on holiday at such an early hour!!! Finally feeling tired,  but excited we lock up and  are off on our way.  Of course with the usual ritual of “Did you switch of the water , the iron, the hair straighteners??Did you close the bathroom window, did you tell the neighbours , Have we got the tickets???” ……..”Yes yes! MoM stop panicking is the response .” So I shut up and  finally we are on our way!!. ….Just as we turn the corner , “Oh  did we…..” but before I can finish there is a chrous “No mom just chill !!!! everything is safe and secure and we have our passports and tickets!!!!”

to be continued..


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  1. 😀 😀 😀 finally you are off for a holiday .. enjoy to the fullest buddy .. stay light and keep smiling 😀

  2. wow Nayna… this is soo cool… i love ur exp… i think i will do the same when i’ll have kids and it will be family vacation time. 🙂

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