word blunder!!

Word blunder-umm embarrasing or what??I have previously written on this topic called “Too embarrasing for words:” 


BUT today I want to add one more…….

Today at work it was a rather busy session, too many people

were milling around and the clinic was running extremely late.

I came out of the consulting room to call my next patient as I

approached the reception area, a rather impatient woman approached me.

My self being in mid process of booking my next patient in on the computer, my train of thought was on that patient and locating his notes so that I could catch up with the delay.

The woman said to me “ Have you seen my husband?”

To this I responded with out thinking “Which one are you looking for??  

Instead of “Who are you looking for??”

The  woman replied “oh I wish I had a selection to choose from

but unfortunately I have one only -Mr Jones!!”

Realising my mistake I began to apologise but by then woman

and the receptionist were in hysterics and wouldnt stop laughing!!!

One rather red faced me couldnt exit quick enough!!

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  1. ha ha !!.. thats was funny buddy .. !!

  2. LOlzzzz. Too funny for words

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